The Master of Science in Analytics online program will prepare you to manage data from a variety of sources, use analytical tools to gain insights from data, and effectively model and communicate findings and results to key stakeholders and decision-makers within your organization.  

Program Highlights: 

  • Enables students to manage a wealth of data, gain insights from data and communicate findings to key decision makers.
  • Gain practical knowledge in predictive and prescriptive analytics, data visualization and modeling, machine learning, database management, research and more.
  • Can be completed entirely online in as little as two years.

Program learning goals and student learning outcomes

Program Mission: To prepare students for leading roles in analytics.

Creighton-formed business leaders will:

PLG 1: Exhibit disciplinary knowledge in Analytics.

SLO 1A: Develop visualizations of data.

SLO 1B: Create relational databases.

SLO 1C: Evaluate a variety of analytics tools and techniques.

SLO 1D: Analyze data with appropriate modeling techniques to support fact-based decision-making.

PLG 2: Think critically to aid decision-making.

SLO 2A: Apply problem-solving skills in diagnosing and addressing business challenges.

PLG 3: Communicate professionally.

SLO 3A: Effectively communicate analytical conclusions in a written and visual format.

SLO 3B: Articulate assumptions, analyses and interpretations of data in an oral format.

PLG 4: Commit to action that demonstrates care for others. 

SLO 4A: Analyze a business ethics situation and propose a course of action.

SLO 4B: Demonstrate knowledge of strategies to work effectively with others on diverse project teams.

PLG 5: Exhibit personal habits consistent with leadership formation.

SLO 5A: Reflect on and articulate the relationships among personal values, professional obligations, and social responsibilities. 

MS-Analytics requirements: 33 credits

Core required courses
ANX/BIA 603Python Programming for Analytics3
ANX/BIA 729Statistics for Data Scientists3
ANX/BIA 755Data Wrangling1.5
ANX/BIA 775Ethics in Data Analytics1.5
ANX/BIA 742Predictive Analytics3
ANX/BIA 772Data Visual Analysis & Visualization3
ANX/BIA 781Machine Learning3
ANX/BIA 782Database Management Systems3
Floating Courses (12 hours) May be chosen from list below or new topics assigned by Director12
Application of Optimization Modeling
Data Governance
Data Warehousing and Advanced Database Systems
Business Intelligence & Analytics Readings
Total Credits33