Healthcare Educator Teaching and Learning Graduate Certificate

Program Director: Cindy Costanzo, MS, PhD, RN

This certificate program is for healthcare providers and professionals who wish to contribute to the successful education of students in the health professions.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this certificate students will:

  1. Appraise and apply adaptive learning concepts in both teaching and learning.
  2. Demonstrate effective leadership strategies for the healthcare professional.
  3. Analyze the higher education environment in relation to healthcare education.
  4. Apply teaching and learning theories, methods, and skills attained during the program in contemporary health care.

Healthcare Educator Teaching and Learning Graduate Certificate
Requirements (15 credits)

ILD 845Learning in the Health Professions: Strategies for Developing the Master Adaptive Learner3
ILD 829Leadership in the Health Professions3
ILD 841Teaching Internship3
POTD 531The American Professoriate: A Faculty Perspective3
Elective (Determined by student to best meet their learning goals)3
Total Credits15