B.A.-JAS/M.S.-NCR Accelerated Masters Program

The Accelerated Master's program provides an efficient progression to complete the Justice & Society B.A. and the Master of Science (M.S.) in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution. Through the completion of six graduate level courses in the senior year of undergrad, students will be able to complete both degrees at the completion of the fifth year of study.

Students choosing to enroll in the Accelerated program are required to submit a formal application to the M.S. in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution program by the end of the spring semester of the junior year.

Degree Requirements

  1. B.A., Justice and Society requirements
  2. Complete the courses in the Plan of Study below during the final semesters of the B.A. degree.
  3. Complete the remaining M.S., Negotiation and Conflict Resolution requirements
Plan of Study Grid
Fourth Year
JPS 588 Christian Ethics Of War And Peace 3
NCR 620 Introduction to Conflict Engagement 3
 Term Credits6
JPS 565 Catholic Social Teaching 3
NCR 624 Dynamics of Conflict Resolution and Engagement 3
 Term Credits6
NCR 603 Negotiation 3
NCR 626 Culture, Gender and Power Differences in Conflict 3
 Term Credits6
Fifth Year
NCR 622 Conflict Engagement and Leadership 3
NCR 633 Oral Narratives and Conflict: An Applied Interdisciplinary Approach 3
NCR 635 Facilitative Conflict Engagement 3
 Term Credits9
NCR 625 Systems Thinking in Conflict 3
NCR 733 Practicum 3-4
 Term Credits6-7
 Total Credits33-34