MSN/MS-NCR Dual Degree Programs

Students may choose to pursue a dual degree in Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Master of Science in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (MS-NCR). Curriculum requirements for the MSN will follow the Nursing Administration and Leadership track.

NCR curriculum requirements for MSN dual degree:

Foundational and Process Courses
NCR 620Introduction to Conflict Engagement3
NCR 622Conflict Engagement and Leadership3
NCR 624Dynamics of Conflict Resolution and Engagement3
NCR 625Systems Thinking in Conflict3
NCR 626Culture, Gender and Power Differences in Conflict3
NCR 630Health Care Collaboration and Conflict Engagement3
NCR 635Facilitative Conflict Engagement3
Nursing courses
NUR 685Exploring Evidence for Improving Outcomes3
NUR 689Organizations As Complex Adaptive Systems3
NUR 787Organizational Transformation3
NCR 733Practicum3