See Master of Arts in Ministry for more information.

Courses in the Master of Arts (M.A.) in Christian Spirituality (CSP) program that are cross listed with Theology may be taken to fulfill electives in the M.A. in Theology. Theology courses in the M.A. in Ministry (MAM) program may be taken, with permission of both program directors of the M.A. and MAM programs, to fulfill requirements and electives for the M.A. in Theology except for the three foundational seminars (i.e. THL 700 Seminar in Biblical Studies; THL 730 Seminar in Systematic Theology; THL 755 Seminar in Moral Theology).

Graduate students may enroll for 500 level courses at a 700 level, in order to complete their programs. They may not repeat a course that they have on their transcripts at a 500 level, and when they register for a 500 level course they will do so under one of the following numbers:

THL 794Special Elective in Biblical Studies1-3
THL 796Special Elective in Historical-Doctrinal-Liturgical Studies3
THL 798Special Elective in Christian Life Studies3

Students, when registering, should see the program director, who will complete the special elective course registration.