The Graduate Director will serve as the student's advisor and will help students choose a program of study best suited to their interests and career plans. Thirty-three (33) semester hours are required for the degree, including: 

Plan A: 27 hours of courses followed by comprehensive examination, then 6 hours of THL 799 Master's Thesis; or Plan B: 33 hours of courses followed by comprehensive examination.

M.A., Theology requirements (33 credits):

Required Seminar Courses
THL 700Seminar in Biblical Studies3
THL 730Seminar in Systematic Theology3
THL 755Seminar in Moral Theology3
Biblical Studies
Select one course from the following:3
Biblical Interpretation: Hermeneutics In The Writing And In The Reading Of Scripture
The Gospel of Mark
The Social And Historical Context Of The Bible
Contemporary Biblical Interpretation: The Synoptic Gospels
New Testament Churches
The Gospel of Matthew
The Life and Spirituality of Ignatius of Loyola:
Paul: The Major Writings
The Gospel of John: Contemporary Approaches
The Mediterranean Matrix of Christian Theology
Israelite Religion In Perspective
Creation and Ethical Order
Liberationist Readings of New Testament Texts
The Pentateuch: Issues Of Ethics And Morality
Marian Spirituality
Spirituality of Reconciliation
Jungian Psychology and Christian Spirituality
A Theology and Spirituality of Conversion
Mary in Life of St. Ignatius
Systematic and Historical Studies
Select one course from the following:3
Systematic Theology: The Mediated God
Theologies of Salvation
Images Of The Church Through The Ages
The Quest For Christian Identity
Systematic Theology According To Karl Rahner
The Historical Context For Theology In America
Inventing Christianity: The Emergence Of The Christian Theological Tradition
Theology and Writings of St. Augustine
Political Theology
Christian Social Ethics
Ecumenical Theology: Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox
Justification and Justice: Jewish, Protestant, and Catholic Models
The Sacraments of Initiation
Liturgy and Time
Liturgical Praxis and Ecclesial Self-Consciousness
Christian Life Studies
Select one course from the following:3
Theology of the Moral Life
Christian Nonviolence: Jesus, Prince of Peace
Roman Catholic and Protestant Ethics
Scriptural Foundation Of Christian Spirituality
Doctrinal Foundation Of Christian Spirituality
Prayer And Christian Spirituality
Prayer, Intimacy. And True Christian Growth
Contemplation In The Christian Tradition
Spanish Mysticism
Foundational Texts In Christian Mysticism
The History Of Christian Spirituality
Called To Holiness: The Christian Vocation
The Theology Of The Spiritual Exercises Of St. Ignatius
Discernment Of Spirits: Theory And Practice
Biblical Roots For Peace And Justice Ministry
Spirituality And Social Concerns
Psychodynamics Of Spiritual Growth
Family Spirituality
Spirituality For Americans: Thomas Merton's Contemplative Vision
Spiritual Formation
Spirituality and Sexuality
Practicum in Ministry
Directed Independent Reading
Special Elective in Biblical Studies
Directed Independent Study
Special Elective in Historical-Doctrinal-Liturgical Studies
Directed Independent Research
Special Elective in Christian Life Studies
Elective courses
Select one of the following. A comprehensive exam is required for both.15
Plan A: Three elective courses plus 6 hours of THL 799 Master's Thesis
Plan B: Five elective courses
Total Credits33