Secondary School Teaching Endorsement (7-12)

We are currently concluding our secondary education co-major option.  The co-major option is only available to seniors in 2022-2023.  

Students planning to teach in a middle, junior, or senior high school must complete a major in an approved academic subject and a co-major in secondary education.

The department offers field endorsements in Art, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science. Subject endorsements are offered in English, French, History, Religious Education and Spanish.

Co-Major: Secondary School Teaching Endorsement (7-12) course requirements: 30-41 credits

EDU 170Diversity and Justice in Education3
EDU 211Exploring Child and Adolescent Development3
EDU 242Computer Related Technologies In Teacher Education2
EDU 299Understanding Educational Assessment and Statistical Reasoning3
EDU 525Inclusion and Differentiation in the Elementary Classroom3
EDU 548Differentiating Instruction & Literacy Strategies in Grades 7-121-3
EDU 551Facilitating Student Learning3
EDU 575Contemporary Teaching Methods in Your Content Area, Grades 7-123
EDU 583Facilitating Student Responsibility3
EDU 591Clinical Practice (Student Teaching) 13-14
EDU 593Clinical Practice (Student Teaching) Seminar 11

Student Teaching/Clinical Experience

Student teaching is a one-semester (16 week), full-day teaching experience. All professional education coursework and the designated minimum 100 hours of pre-student teaching field experiences must be completed prior to the Student Teaching/Clinical Experience semester. Traditional undergraduate students will take 11 credit hours of EDU 591 Clinical Practice (Student Teaching).  All students must participate in the Clinical Practice Seminar. Students must reserve the entire teaching day for participation in a P-12 school’s student teaching experience. Students follow the calendar of the P-12 school rather than the Creighton University calendar during the student teaching semester. Any deviation from the program must be approved in writing by the Education Department’s Selection and Retention Committee.