European Studies Minor

The minor in European Studies is a broad interdisciplinary program whose aim is to promote understanding of Western Europe, while also exploring the diversity of its many cultures by exploring the historical experience, literary and cultural expressions, and material and political course of the region.

Minor in European Studies Requirements: 18 Credits*

Select two of the following:
Tudor and Stuart England
Selected Topics
The Early Middle Ages
The High And Late Middle Ages
The Crusades: A Mirror Of Medieval Society
The Renaissance
The Reformation
19th Century Europe
20th Century Europe
The Vikings
Directed Independent Readings
Directed Independent Research
History of Ireland
Modern Germany
Postwar Europe
Russia's Revolutions
The Rise and Fall of Europe's Empires
Special Problems in History 1
Philosophy/Political Science3
Select one of the following:
History Of Modern Philosophy
History Of 19th-Century Philosophy
The European Union
Select one of the following:
English Literature I: Medieval/Early Renaissance
English Literature II: Late Renaissance/Neo-Classical
English Literature III: Romantic/Victorian
Contemporary British Literature
French Civilization Before The French Revolution
French Civilization After The French Revolution
Paris, Ville Du Monde (Paris, City Of The World)
Studies In Contemporary German Culture: The Last 25 Years
The New Berlin
The Multiplicity of German Culture: Cultural Differences and Marginality
Reading German Films
Civilization and Culture of Spain
Survey of Peninsular Literature
Multicultural Spain Through Letters, Politics, Theater And Film
History of Art3
Select one of the following:
Medieval Art and Architecture
Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture
Seventeenth-Century Art and Architecture
Modern Art and Architecture
One additional course chosen from the lists above.3
Total Credits18