Credit by transfer or other means may count toward a student’s Creighton degree; however these credits do not count toward a student’s grade point average (GPA).

Transfer Credit

Transfer Students

For students transferring to Creighton, evaluation will be done of transfer hours by the respective College after formal acceptance to Creighton. Courses must have grades of “C-“ or better from regionally-accredited institutions to be considered for transfer credit. (See Admission of Transfer Students).

Transient Study

Creighton students may be permitted to enroll in courses at other regionally-accredited institutions. Prior approval of the Dean must be obtained for each course (application forms are available in the Dean’s Office). Courses not so approved by the Dean in advance may not be accepted in transfer. Grades of “C-" or better must be earned. Normally students will not be able to transfer more than a total of 9 hours of approved transient study during the entire degree program at Creighton. In addition, students may not ordinarily earn transient study credit for courses regularly offered at Creighton University. Students must adhere to the degree requirements regarding minimum required credits at Creighton and should consult the College in which they are enrolled for additional transient study restrictions.

Advanced Placement, CEEB Advanced Placement, Dual Credit, and International Baccalaureate

Incoming students may receive credit through one of these avenues. See the Admission section for complete information.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Students accepted into a degree program may earn college credit through successful completion of CLEP Subject Examinations. CLEP examinations are administered at testing centers (Creighton University is NOT a testing center) on a regular schedule. Details concerning the award of credit for CLEP examinations are available in the Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office.

Request to Decline Credit

An undergraduate student may not repeat a course for which a final grade of “C” or better (including “P” and “SA”) has been earned. This includes credit awarded through AP Exams, International Baccalaureate, and transfer credit. However, University Undergraduate Policy allows a student to decline credit previously awarded by Creighton for Advanced Placement Examinations, International Baccalaureate, and transfer credit. This credit must have been earned prior to attending Creighton. Students may repeat courses for which credit has been declined. Under no circumstance may credit earned at Creighton be declined. Dual credit courses offered by Creighton cannot be declined but may be repeated regardless of the original grade received. Only the repeated grade will be included in the grade point average. However, both grades will remain permanently on the student record.