Creighton University offers a variety of study abroad opportunities. Programs abroad vary in content, format, length, and cost. The Global Programs Coordinators work closely with each student to select a program that meets his or her educational, professional, and personal needs. All students planning to study abroad must obtain approval from the Global Engagement Office (GEO) by submitting a Proposal to Study Abroad. Students should start planning their study abroad one year in advance of their term abroad. For additional information about study abroad, visit the GEO website or contact


Study Abroad services include:

  • The Study Abroad Fair each fall
  • Info sessions
  • Pre-Departure Orientation and re-entry programming
  • One-on-one advising
  • Processing the enrollment of students, faculty and staff in supplemental insurance for travel abroad.


Creighton's Own Service-Learning Program Abroad-Encuentro Dominicano

The Encuentro Dominicano is an academic, living-learning program integrating community based learning in a cross-cultural context. Visit the Encuentro Dominicano website to learn more.

Faculty-Led Programs Abroad

Faculty-led summer courses are typically taught in China, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Tanzania, among others. Most faculty-led summer programs are 2-4 weeks in duration and award 3 or 6 hours of credit.

Affiliate Programs

Through an agreement with the University of Limerick in Ireland, the University of Glasgow in Scotland, and the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador, Creighton students can participate in a Fall or Spring semester program there. Students are fully integrated into the Irish, Scottish or Ecuadorean culture, taking courses alongside local students. Students who are part of the Creighton Honors Program may choose to participate in the special affiliate program at the University of Glasgow (Scotland) in the Fall or Spring Semester. Participants will take an Honors Course with other international students and enroll in additional courses with Scottish students. Other courses are available for non-Honors Program students.

Bilateral Exchange Programs

Sophia University is a Jesuit institution located in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. Courses in anthropology, art history, theology, history, political science, sociology, international business are taught in English; Japanese as a foreign language is available as well. Also Jesuit, Sogang University is a prestigious university in Seoul, Korea. Courses are offered in English and Korean. Creighton students may opt for a Fall or Spring enrollment. The University of Mannheim (Germany) accepts students for Fall, Spring or academic year enrollment. Courses are taught in German and subject areas include accounting, finance, management, and marketing. The University of Namur in Belgium offers courses in French for undergraduate, and in English for graduate students. Check the GEO website for additional bilateral exchanges programs.

Multilateral Exchange Programs

The International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) offers full-immersion study abroad opportunities in over 35 countries. Students may take courses in English or in the language of the host country while fully integrated in the host institution. Course offerings and the language of instruction vary by site. For additional information about ISEP programs, visit

Partner Program

Through AMIDEAST, Creighton students have the opportunity to study in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia for a summer, semester, or year. Study areas include Arabic, French, Egyptology and Middle Eastern studies.

Associate Programs

Creighton University students may participate in study abroad programs administered by other institutions or organizations, with approval from the GEO. These programs vary in quality; therefore, students must consult with the Global Programs Coordinator and obtain study abroad approval from the GEO before selecting or applying to any particular program.

Exchange Agreements

The GEO coordinates international agreements with universities abroad for exchange and enrollment. It also reviews and approves agreements with embassies, ministries and organizations overseas.

Cross-Cultural Communication

Central to an education for global citizenship is the acquisition of knowledge and empathy in preparation for work among those who have different values, beliefs, and needs. The GEO staff regularly leads cross-cultural sessions as part of:

  • Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Project CURA Orientation (Medical School)
  • IELI co-curricular activities

Departments can request special sessions of cross-cultural communication for specific groups.

The Global Engagement Office is located on the third floor of Creighton Hall. For information, call 402.280.2221 or visit