Oral Biology

The graduate program in Oral Biology is a program of study culminating in a Master of Science degree. The program is flexible and will foster an interdisciplinary approach using School of Dentistry research, courses, and facilities to cater to the needs of individual students. A thesis is required. The program is geared toward providing a sound didactic basis for students interested in pursuing dentistry as a profession. It also provides research opportunities and teaching experience in an effort to model graduate students for an academic career as clinician educators and academic dentists.

The program provides a choice of two tracks of study. The first is in dental materials and includes didactic and research emphasis in modern materials science. The second is in oral biology and emphasizes didactics and research in anatomical sciences and histology. Both tracks will equip students to analyze research and clinical literature. Both will also provide an opportunity in the second year to teach in first-year pre-doctoral dental laboratory courses.

This program is administered by the Graduate School at Creighton University. More information regarding this program is available in the Oral Biology section of the Graduate School Catalog.