Graduate Catalog

2024-2025 Graduate Catalog

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Letter from the Dean To the Prospective Student

Graduate education is a valued and important component of the diverse tapestry of educational programs here at Creighton. Creighton is a comprehensive university, yet modest in size, which allows for collaboration. The Graduate School is in a unique position, in that it intersects with the other eight schools and colleges across the campus to provide the administrative vehicle for collaboration by senior faculties at Creighton in offering opportunities for advanced graduate study and research, as well as ensuring standards and policies are administered consistently across all graduate programs. Approximately 20 percent of all Creighton degrees awarded are graduate degrees. We have a long tradition of graduate education at Creighton, having awarded over 10,000 graduate degrees since 1893.

Our graduate programs span a diverse array of fields as we have had large numbers of teachers. counselors, school administrators, executives, nurses, ministers, religious leaders, and more complete Master's degrees for their professional and personal development. In addition to our traditional master's degree programs, we offer targeted interdisciplinary programs, such as Health Informatics, Organizational Leadership, and Government Organization and Leadership, to meet emerging societal needs. We are committed to providing a foundation and direction for graduates' achievement in research, teaching and technical careers. For doctoral study, we have three strong Ph.D. programs for students pursuing degrees in Biomedical Sciences, Medical Microbiology and Immunology, and Pharmacology and Neuroscience. These programs provide a solid base for a research career and aim to produce scientists and scholars of the highest caliber. An interdisciplinary Ed.D. in Leadership seeks to develop leaders who use their skills to promote social justice and organizational change.

Graduate certificate options and dual-degree programs provide additional opportunities for students to develop skills and obtain expertise in targeted areas of study so they are well positioned to make a difference in today's workforce. Accelerated bachelors-to-masters (AMP) programs allow Creighton students to complete both a bachelors and masters degree in less time - and at less cost - than if both programs were completed separately.

Successful graduate degree recipients at Creighton share an openness for further developing their habits of mind. They have a natural curiosity, a capacity for self-discipline and critical self-reflection, and a personal commitment to habitual inquiry. These qualities, when coupled with the experience and dedication of senior faculty mentors, create an environment in which students work toward thoughtful engagement with questions of purpose and meaning in practice settings, an imaginative recasting of the ideas requisite to successful research and development of human knowledge, and a commitment to working for a more just world. Graduate studies at Creighton embrace the ideal of a university as a community of scholars; offer an opportunity for discovery born of disciplined inquiry; and cultivate a person-centered environment, which can be the doorway to a stimulating, creative and meaningful life.

The decision to enter graduate study must be a personal one as it takes time, patience and commitment. Persons with intellectual ability and curiosity, commitment to self-discipline and self-reflection are encouraged to explore the opportunities our graduate school can provide. Creighton offers a number of online programs, making it even more convenient for individuals to earn a  graduate degree.

We invite you to visit with our graduate program directors, graduate faculty and students as you explore your interests in graduate study.

A. Barron Breland, D.M.
Dean, Graduate School
Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs