Graduate Fellowships

Creighton University offers a number of Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships to graduate students who qualify for advanced degrees. The stipends for assistantships and fellowships vary with the qualifications of the applicants, and the type of service associated with the individual appointments.

In all instances, the appointee must have a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a recognized college or university. The previous study and training must be acceptable to the department in which the applicant desires to pursue studies. All appointments are made for one year (academic or calendar year as noted below) by the Dean of the Graduate School in conjunction with the graduate program director. Satisfactory study and cooperation are requisite to reappointment for a second year. Appointments may be terminated by the Dean of the Graduate School whenever it is deemed necessary for the good of the University or when the appointee is academically disqualified.

Doctoral Fellowships

Students appointed to Research Fellowships while pursuing a doctoral degree have twelve month appointments and are expected to spend as much time in the laboratory as deemed necessary by their major advisor and as dictated by the demands of their program of research. They must take a minimum of eight credit hours during the Fall and Spring semesters and six credit hours over the Summer Sessions. Heavier course loads are allowed, if prescribed by their research advisory committees. However, permission of the Graduate Dean is required to take more than 12 credit hours in a given semester. Doctoral fellowships include a stipend, tuition remission, laboratory fees, general university fees and health insurance.

Master's Fellowships

Students appointed to a Fellowship while pursuing a master’s degree are required to provide 20 hours of service per week as assigned by their program director during the nine-month academic year. They are expected to devote full time to their studies. Master’s level Fellows must not exceed 18 credit hours in an academic year. These fellowships may include a stipend plus the remission of tuition and laboratory fees. All general university fees, however, must be paid by the Fellows.

The Heider College of Business also has Graduate Research Assistantships available for selected majors in graduate Business programs. The assistantships, although limited in number, provide full tuition and a stipend in exchange for a commitment of 20 hours of service per week during the academic year. The assistant generally is assigned to a faculty member or an academic department for faculty research or assistance in administering the Wade Computer Center in the Heider College of Business.