Requirements for Admission

Educational Requirements

The minimum educational requirements for admission to the School of Medicine is the completion of a bachelor's degree and all course requirements. Please note that all course requirements need to be completed by June 1 of the matriculating year. In addition, all course requirements must be completed at an accredited college or university located within the United States or Canada.

College studies prior to admission to the School of Medicine should include subjects appropriate to a liberal arts education.  The following courses are required for admission and are considered essential for the successful pursuit of the medical curriculum at Creighton University.

Required Courses

  • Biochemistry
  • Human/Animal Physiology at the advanced level1
  • Statistics
  • English: two courses that emphasize writing
  1. Creighton considers physiology courses that have a general biology and/or general chemistry prerequisite to be advanced level courses.

Preference for Admission

Preference for Admission will be given to applicants who complete at least one advanced science course, in addition to the required coursework, that builds a foundation within human or molecular-cellular biology.

Extracurricular Requirements

The Committee on Admissions will select those applicants whom they judge to be the best qualified for the study and practice of medicine. In evaluating the applicants, consideration will be given to all of the qualities considered to be necessary in a physician: intellectual curiosity, emotional maturity, honesty, proper motivation, and proven scholastic ability.

In addition, the Committee on Admissions requires applicants to have a foundation in the following activities:

  • Commitment to "service of others" through non-medical volunteer activities
  • Physician shadowing experiences
  • Patient contact through clinical and/or medical experiences

Scientific research, though not required for admission, is also highly valued by the Committee on Admissions.

US Residency Requirements

Creighton University School of Medicine requires applicants to be either United States citizens or United States permanent residents in order to qualify for admission.


Applicants are encouraged to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) in the spring or summer of the year preceding their application to medical school.  MCAT scores received from examinations taken more than three years before matriculation will not be considered.

In addition to Creighton's course prerequisites, applicants are encouraged to complete courses that will assist them in achieving competitive scores on the MCAT.  Applicants should review the MCAT website for a listing of courses that will provide the academic foundational concepts needed to be prepared to sit for the test.

Application Process

Applications should be submitted through AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service) as early as possible.  Applicants are also required to complete the Creighton secondary application.  All applicants who submit a verified AMCAS to Creighton are invited to submit the Creighton secondary application.

You may use your discretion when selecting letter-writers. A committee letter is preferred (if available), but not required. We prefer letters from individuals who can honestly and accurately attest to your performance, character, personal qualities, and aptitudes from direct knowledge, interactions, and observations. We suggest you provide us with two science faculty letters and one non-science faculty letter, but leave it up to you to determine who are the ideal persons to help us assess your candidacy for medical school.

Applicants should submit at least 3 letters, but not more than 6.

Recommendations must be submitted to the Office of Medical Admissions through the AMCAS Letter Service by January 15.

The school requires a formal interview of every applicant selected before it finalizes the acceptance. The interview will be held on the university campus.

Applicants must be able to perform the physical, intellectual, and communicational functions necessary for the study and practice of medicine. Please consult the School of Medicine’s Student Handbook for details on Technical Standards. Before matriculation, accepted applicants are required to submit to the Student Health Service a Confidential Health Report and must have all required immunizations. Accepted applicants will also be subject to a criminal background check, and be tested for illicit drug use.

Fulfillment of the specific requirements does not insure admission to the School of Medicine. The Committee on Admissions will select those applicants whom they judge to be the best qualified for the study and practice of medicine. In evaluating the applicants, consideration will be given to all of the qualities considered to be necessary in a physician: Intellectual curiosity, emotional maturity, honesty, proper motivation, and proven scholastic ability. The Committee on Admissions also highly values evidence of humanitarian actions, volunteerism in the service of others, and leadership skills. Extracurricular shadowing of physicians and/or work or volunteer experience related to the delivery of health care, as well as scientific research are also highly valued by the Committee on Medical Admissions.

Acceptance Procedures—Reservation and Deposit

Each applicant will be informed in writing by the Assistant Dean for Admissions of the School of Medicine of the outcome of his or her application.

Within 14 days following the date of an acceptance into the M1 class, the applicant must submit a written reply to the Assistant Dean for Admissions.

This written reply may be either a:

  1. Formal reservation of the place offered by paying the $100 enrollment reservation deposit. (Such deposit will be refunded upon request made prior to April 30.)
  2. Refusal of the place offered and withdrawal of application.

Enrollment deposits are refundable up to April 30 of the matriculation year. Enrollment deposits will be credited to the student’s first semester’s tuition.

An applicant who provides written notice of cancellation within three days (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and federal and state holidays) of signing the Formal Reservation is entitled to a refund of all monies paid. The school shall provide the 100% refund no later than 30 days of receiving the notice of cancellation.