Tuition and fees are payable in advance for an entire semester1 and are subject to change without notice.

Tuition and Fees 2016-2017

Application for Admission fee$95
Enrollment Reservation Deposit required of applicants when accepted for admission-credited to tuition$100
Tuition per semester for courses in medical curriculum$27,112
University fee per semester$583
University Technology fee$249
Medical Technology Fee$400
Late Payment fee2see late payment policy
Student Health Insurance Premium for six months3$1,215

Loss or damage to University property and equipment and excessive use of laboratory materials are charged to the student or students responsible.


Registration is not complete until financial arrangements have been made.


Transcripts, grade reports, and diplomas are released only when outstanding balances have been paid.


This charge for each full-time student may be waived if the student presents evidence that he or she carries insurance that provides coverage at least comparable to the student insurance offered by the University.