Students who withdraw from school before completing 60% of the semester are entitled to a refund of a portion of tuition. The refund amount is based on a pro rata percentage determined by dividing the number of calendar days attended, up to and including the withdrawal date, by the number of calendar days in the semester. The total number of calendar days in the semester includes weekends and excludes scheduled breaks of five or more calendar days. Fees are not refundable.

Students receiving federal financial aid who do not complete 60% of the semester will have aid eligibility recalculated and funds may be returned to the appropriate Title IV program in accordance with the Return of Title IV Funds regulations.

For all students having completed 60% or more of the semester, no tuition will be refunded nor will federal funds be subject to recalculation.

Refunds of Creighton University room rent for withdrawals will be prorated on a weekly basis.