Students who are not Heider College of Business students may pursue a Business minor or a Certificate in Business Administration. These options provide a good introduction to the general functional areas of business to students who are enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Nursing or the College of Professional Studies. Contact the Assistant Dean with any questions regarding the minor or certificate in Business Administration.

Minor in Business

Certificate in Business


BUS 101. Dean's Fellows Foundational Sequence. 0 credits.

Deans Fellows course. Graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. P:Deans Fellow; IC.

BUS 103. Business Research Fellows Foundational Sequence. 0 credits.

P: Deans Fellow; IC.

BUS 201. Legal Environment of Business. 3 credits. FA, SP

Focuses on laws that affect managerial action. Introduction to the traditional sources of law, the U.S. Constitution and its Amendments; the basic characteristics of the U.S. legal system, the law of contracts, torts, and property, and understanding of the various business entitlements, their creation, operation, and termination; a basic understanding of the administrative agency process, antitrust, employer-employee relations, laws against discrimination, consumer protection, environmental laws, and the myriad of other laws that affect business action and changing public policy regarding law. P: So. stdg.

BUS 229. Statistical Analysis. 4 credits. FA, SP, SU

Use of descriptive and inferential statistical methods in the analysis of business and economic data. Topics include probability distributions, confidence intervals, tests of hypothesis, multiple regression and correlation, time series analysis and index numbers, and decision analysis. P: MTH 141 or MTH 231 or MTH 245; MTH 201.

BUS 266. Business Externship. 1 credit. FA, SP, SU

This course is designed to give academic credit to students acquiring practical knowledge by working in business prior to qualifying for the junior-level 366 internship-for-credit. Students should work a minimum of 50 hours. This course counts toward non-restricted elective credit only; it cannot be used for business elective or major elective credit. The course is not available to those students who have completed a 366 course in the Heider College. The class may be repeated up to 4 times only. Graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. P: Soph. stdg. and IC.

BUS 301. Business Law. 3 credits. FA, SP

Detailed analysis of specific areas of law that most impact the operation and management of business enterprises. Course serves as an introduction to the study of law as a discipline and as a preparation for those students planning to sit for the CPA examination. P: BUS 201; Jr. stdg.

BUS 321. Mock Trial Lecture. 2 credits. FA

Exploration and analysis of the presentation of a Mock Trial. Course content changes from year to year. In even-numbered years, the cases presented are civil cases. In odd-numbered years, the cases presented are criminal cases. Some travel required. This course cannot be repeated.

BUS 322. Mock Trial Practicum. 1 credit. SP

Limited to students who want to develop a more in-depth knowledge of Mock Trial beyond the first course. Some travel required. P: BUS 321 or IC.

BUS 356. Business Ethics. 3 credits. FA, SP

Study of the principles and practice of good moral behavior by the business community. Lectures are supplemented by case discussion, community service, and other experiential activities that directly involve students in ethical and socially responsible behavior. P: PHL 250 or PHL 270 or PHL 272; Jr. stdg.

BUS 366. Business Internships. 3 credits. FA, SP, SU

This course is designed to give credit to students for major-related significant practical business experience. The internship should allow the students to apply concepts and technical skills learned in the classroom to a real work setting. Students must work 150 hours during a semester; write a final paper describing the learning value of their internship; and participate in an end-of-semester synthesis session. The student's internship employment must be secured before registering for the class. The course is graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis and only 3 hours of internship credit may be used to satisfy graduation requirements. P: Second semester Jr. or higher standing in the Heider College of Business.

BUS 401. Legal Aspects of Life Insurance. 3 credits.

This class will focus on understanding of the legal aspects of Individual Life Insurance as a financial services contract and a key cornerstone of the financial planning and risk management processes. This course will cover concepts relating to the key contractual elements of life insurance and policy provisions. Covers life insurance contractual obligations relating to the company, as well as policy assignment and estate issues relating to beneficiary designations. Concludes with legal aspects of Agents/Brokers, marketing and advertising, illustration regulations and privacy laws. This course covers the materials required for educational credit towards the CLU professional designation. P: ECO 203, FIN 513, Jr. Stdg., elementary level skills in Microsoft Office Suite.

BUS 471. Strategic Management. 3 credits. FA, SP

Strategic Management is a discipline that studies the variability of performance across organizations. Students will be exposed to the theories and models of both Competitive Strategy and Corporate Strategy. The course utilizes the case method of teaching to expose students to historical business scenarios that highlight the complexity of strategic decision making across multiple industries and countries. Class discussion, writing assignments, and presentations are used to promote critical thinking in the analysis of case details and the application of theoretical frameworks. As the capstone of the BSBA degree, the course requires students to apply all their acquired disciplinary knowledge in conjunction with the theories of strategic management to craft strategies that create sustained competitive advantage for organizations. P: Heider College of Business Sr. stdg; FIN 301, MGT 301, MKT 319.

BUS 479. Seminar in Business. 1-3 credits. FA, SP

Exploration and analysis of selected problems, topics, and issues in today's business environment. Course content changes from semester to semester. This course is repeatable as long as topic differs (12 credits). P: Jr. stdg.

BUS 491. The Business World: A Campus and Travel Course. 3 credits.

This course is designed to provide a capstone travel experience in which students make on-site visits to a variety of organizations known for their business leadership and innovative practice. The overall aim is to complement a student's campus-based study of business concepts, processes, activities, and organizations. The course typically includes approximately 15 hours of on-campus study prior to and after the travel portion of the course. The travel portion of the course may involve various destinations. Note: A student in the Heider College of Business may only count up to six credit hours of travel courses toward their 128 credit hour program of study. P: Instructor consent.

BUS 493. Directed Independent Readings. 1-3 credits. OD

Limited to students who want to develop a more in-depth knowledge of a subject beyond the regular course coverage and who have a QPA of 3.0 or better. Sr. stdg.; DC & Dean's approval. May be repeated for credit to a limit of six hours.

BUS 497. Directed Independent Research. 1-3 credits. OD

Supervised independent research on topics beyond the regular course coverage. Course is limited to students who have a QPA of 3.0 or better. P: Sr. stdg; DC and Dean's approval.