Textbooks and Instruments

At the time of registration of each academic year the student will purchase the textbooks and laboratory and classroom manuals prescribed for that year. Textbooks will be purchased from the University’s Campus Store. A list of currently prescribed textbooks is available in the administration offices and at the campus store. Instruments will be leased to the student by the School. Used instruments or books or substitutions of either are not recommended.

The textbooks and instruments specified are considered indispensable to the study and practice of dentistry. It is therefore required that the student purchase/lease them at the time indicated. The late fee for payment of instruments and manuals generally amounts to one percent per month on the unpaid balance.

In order that the prospective student may have a general idea of the expenses, the approximate costs of the prescribed books and instruments are indicated below. The amounts shown are approximate only and subject to change without notice in accordance with the market fluctuations.

  Textbooks Instruments
First Year $1,900 $8,723
Second Year $1,900 $8,723
Third Year $1,500 $8,723
Fourth Year $1,100 $8,723