Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Creighton University, inspired out of a Catholic and Jesuit tradition, treasures the innate dignity of each member of our community and upholds the sanctity of each human being as a profound gift of God. Finding the resplendence of the divine reflected in the uniqueness of every person, we seek, acknowledge and celebrate diversity at Creighton because our Catholic and Ignatian heritage inspires and impels us to do so.

Diversity in principle is the “service of faith in the promotion of justice.” Diversity enhances our social selves and intellectual lives by exposing all of us to methods, styles and frames of reference that challenge our unexamined assumptions helping us unmask personal, cultural, institutionalized, and organizational discrimination and stigmatization, recognizing that ignorance and stereotypes create and sustain privileges and preference for some, while creating and sustaining marginalization and oppression for others.

In a truly Catholic context, diversity at Creighton commends inclusion as a prudential, virtuous, and practical principle. Celebrating diversity at Creighton is an invitation to incarnate our mission to educate lifelong learners who will be agents for change in our local communities and in the world. Diversity at Creighton animates our varied intellectual pursuits and enriches our mission to “seek Truth in all its forms.”

To this end, Creighton faculty, staff, students and administrators seek to foster an environment of awareness, inclusion, and compassion for everyone in our community and our guests, regardless of age, culture, faith, ethnicity, immigrant status, race, gender, sexual orientation, language, physical appearance, physical ability, or social class. Our caring, hospitable community, our attention to those who are underserved, our academic and co-curricular offerings, and our admissions, hiring, and promotion policies all give testimony to our desire to make Creighton a welcoming, inclusive community. We do this by constant vigilance and reassessment of our campus climate, reaching out to those who are marginalized and whose voices are muted by the mainstream.