Evaluation and Selection

Creighton University Enrollment Management compiles the applicant's file (application form, transcripts, test scores, letters of evaluation) for all graduate programs. The completed file is forwarded to the appropriate program director for computation of grade-point averages (GPA) for major and support areas, review and recommendation. Recommendations for admission include evaluation by a sponsor (the prospective student’s potential faculty advisor) if other than the program director.

Each program recommends on admission of students to advanced study and research after weighing the background, interest and promise of the prospective student, and evaluating the availability of human and physical resources for meeting the student’s objectives and the program’s goals.

Students will be notified by the Dean of the Graduate School regarding final action and disposition of the application for all graduate programs with the exception of Graduate Business Programs, who will be notified by the Assistant Dean in the Heider College of Business, and Graduate Nursing Programs, who will be notified by the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs in the College of Nursing.

In addition to the special requirements that may be made by the departments of instruction, the equivalent of a Creighton University undergraduate major is generally required as prerequisite for a graduate major. The qualitative character of the student’s undergraduate work is no less important than the quantitative in establishing an applicant’s eligibility. The applicant’s record of undergraduate studies must generally indicate achievement above average. This superiority must be particularly evident in the field of projected major study.

Conditional Admission

Students who appear, upon preliminary examination of their credentials, to be fully admissible to a graduate program but are still in the process of assembling the required application materials (e.g. letters of recommendation or formal aptitude test scores), may be admitted on a conditional basis. Such students can take up to six credit hours while meeting the conditions set forth by the program director. The conditions for full admission will be described in the conditional acceptance letter issued by the Graduate Dean. Students who have not met the conditions for admission but have completed the allowed six hours will not be permitted to enroll in further coursework until all the conditions of their admission have been satisfied. Students who complete the conditions for admission within the six credit hour allowance will have their admission status changed to unconditionally admitted when the conditions are met.

Provisional Admission

Students who do not meet the requirements for admission in good standing but demonstrate potential for success in a graduate program may be admitted on a provisional basis. Students who are admitted with provisions must meet all provisions as required by the program director, and petition for full status by the end of one calendar year. The petition for full status should be submitted in writing to the Dean of the Graduate School. Students who do not achieve this standard will be deemed unqualified for progression in their studies and will be dismissed from the program.