Distingushed Scholars Pathways for M.D. Students

Distinguished Scholars Pathways

Distinguished Scholars Pathways provide students in the School of Medicine the opportunity to participate in a single, focused area of study longitudinally over the 4-year MD curriculum. These pathways are optional, academically rigorous, and will culminate in a capstone project to be presented during the M4 year. 

Application to a Distinguished Scholars Pathway by interested students would be required during Spring semester of the M1 year. Beyond the general curricular requirements leading to the MD degree, pathways include academic activities beginning in the M1/M2 Summer and continuing through the M4 Spring Semester. 

Distinguished Scholars Pathway Objectives 

Each Distinguished Scholars Pathway will: 

  1. Enhance students' professional identity and sense of purpose by providing opportunities for deep engagement with topics beyond the traditional medical curriculum. These will foster additional understanding in specific areas of healthcare that may include ethical, spiritual, cultural, and social dimensions.  
  2. Provide an innovative approach in medical education through pathways that cultivate critical thinking among students while they explore topics of significant interest beyond the core medical education curriculum.  
  3. Equip students with specialized knowledge and innovation skills in niche areas of medical education and healthcare, positioning them as leaders and advocates for educational reform and innovation within healthcare institutions and academic settings while embracing the principles of magis (the pursuit of excellence), cura personalis (care for the person) and cura apostolica (care for others), inherent in Jesuit pedagogy. 
  4. Further promote lifelong learning and professional development by offering pathways that encourage exploration of emerging trends and interdisciplinary perspectives, enabling students to adapt to the evolving landscape of healthcare delivery and medical education.