Financial Arrangements

Tuition, fees, board, and room charges are payable at the time of registration for a semester. However, arrangements may be made to pay monthly installments by using the University’s Payment Plan. Participation in this plan will be limited to the unpaid balance after all financial aid credits have been applied. For further information on payment plans click here to access the Business Office webpage.

Failure to pay any balance on your student account when due may result in the cancellation or administrative withdrawal of a student's registration for the current academic term.

Books and supplies may be purchased at the Campus Bookstore. These items must be paid for when they are obtained.

Students are encouraged to pay tuition and other expenses online via the NEST. The University will cash checks for students with a $200 limit per day in the Business Office. Checks returned for insufficient funds will be assessed a $30 fee. The University reserves the right to revoke or to deny this privilege to any individual at any time.