Master of Accounting requirements (MAC): 33 Credits

Required Graduate Business Courses
MBA 771Leadership and Organizational Behavior3
MBA 775Business Policy And Managerial Action3
MBA 776Business, Ethics and Society3
MAC 731Historical Development of and Current Issues in the Accountancy Profession3
Required Accounting Discipline-Based Courses
MAC 735Research Appreciation1
MAC 736Technology for the Professional Accountant1
MAC 737Accounting Ethics and Codes of Professional Conduct1
Accounting Discipline-Based Electives 1
Select 12 credits from the following list of approved accounting electives.12
Special Managerial Accounting Issues
Advanced Accounting
Advanced Auditing
International Accounting
Advanced Taxation
Seminar in Accounting
Tax Theory and Business Decisions
Accounting Seminar: Special Managerial and Financial Accounting Issues
Internal Auditing: Assurance and Consulting Services
Corporate Governance
Current Issues in Managerial Accounting
Independent Study & Research
Graduate Internship
Financial Statement Analysis I
Non-Accounting Electives
Select 6 credits from the following list of approved non-accounting electives.6
Other courses may be approved by the MAC Program Coordinator in consultation with the MAC student and the Department Chair of Accounting.
Investment Value and Theory
Seminar in Applied Managerial Economics
Seminar in Applied Economics
Marketing Management
International Business Operations
Managing Information Resources
Business Process Management
Fixed Income and Derivatives I
Economics of Investment Management
Equity Analysis
Advanced Financial Analysis
Seminar in Management
Independent Study And Research
Total Credits33

No more than three 500-level courses may be taken for graduate credit and counted as part of the 33-hour MAC degree.

A grade of "B" or better is needed in order to count the 500-level course for graduate credit toward the MAC degree.

Each 500-level course taken for graduate credit requires a significant additional graduate-level work product (papers, case presentations, planning projects, etc.) that is not required of undergraduate students in the course.

An individualized program of study will be developed and approved by the Master of Accounting Program Coordinator in consultation with the student. The program will be designed in a manner that fulfills the educational goals of the student. This plan of study can be created so that the applicant meets the requirements to sit for the CPA exam in any state having the 150-hour requirement. Depending on the student's academic background and the academic coverage requirements of the state in which the students plans to sit for the CPA exam, it is possible that the student will have to complete more than the 33 hours required for the MAC degree to qualify for the CPA exam in the state desired. A plan of study can also be created for students interested in some other professional accounting designation (such as CIA, CMA, or CISA).

Each student will, in addition to completing the required course work, also engage in two required co-curricular activities while in the program. The two broad areas of co-curricular activities are professional and service participation.

As part of the MAC program, a student must include an activity that involved the active participation in a student or community business organization or activity (e.g., the Creighton Beta Alpha Psi chapter, the Creighton leadership program, the Omaha Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors). Part of this requirement includes a written reflective piece that will be submitted to the MAC Program Coordinator.

The second co-curricular requirement is that each MAC student must complete at least one service project (such as a CCSJ-sponsored service trip, participation in VITA, a service learning component in a course, etc.) that contains a significant reflective component. 

A student's approved written plan of study will include the required classes in that student's individualized program and the two co-curricular activities that the student intends to complete. Students may not earn the MAC if they have not completed the required classes in their written plan of study and the two co-curricular activities. Any proposed changes to a student's approved plan of study must be made in writing and be approved by the MAC Program Coordinator in consultation with the student and the Department Chair of Accounting.