Educational Leadership: Teacher Leadership Specialization

The master’s degree in educational leadership prepares individuals to play a leadership role in schools. Students may choose either the school administration program or the teacher leadership program in pursuit of the educational leadership degree.

Graduates will become educational leaders who:

  1. Promote the success of all students by enabling a collaborative vision of student success, by sustaining a positive school culture, and by effectively managing the school.
  2. Lead processes that collect and analyze information and that lead to decisions which effect change and improve the school.
  3. Embody educational values that are based on the Ignatian and Education Department charisms of cura personalis, magis, men and women for and with others, and contemplation in action.
  4. Communicate knowledge skillfully to specialized and non-specialized persons alike orally and in writing.
  5. Incorporate reflective practice and apply ethical principles such as integrity and fairness when making personal and professional decisions.
  6. Value diversity and respond to the interests and needs of a diverse community.

Specialization in Teacher Leadership

This 36-credit program is designed for the individual who desires to serve as a teacher leader in roles such as instructional coach, mentor, or curriculum specialist. The program consists of 8-week online courses designed to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge of teacher leadership. 

The requirements for all Educational Leadership Programs include a bachelor's degree with a 3.0 GPA, teaching certificate, and two years of teaching experience in a state-approved school. 

General Required Courses
EDL 607School Improvement3
EDL 609Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, Part I3
EDL 610Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, Part II3
EDL 613Intervention Strategies3
EDL 614Leading Professional Learning Communities3
EDL 615Student Centered Coaching3
EDL 616Analyzing Student Work3
EDL 619School Culture3
EDL 622School Law3
EDL 635Internship I in Teacher Leadership3
NCR 632Effective Conflict Engagement for Educational Leaders3
Students will take one of the following courses for 3 credits based on whether they are Catholic School Educators or Public School Educators. 3
Required Courses for Catholic School Educators
Foundations of Catholic Education
Required Courses for Public School Educators
Special Education Leadership
Total Credits36