Courses in both the Christian Spirituality (CSP) and Master of Arts (MA) in Theology programs that are taught on campus may be taken in fulfillment of MAM requirements for students who are resident or can come to campus for class meetings, as long as the course content is largely interchangeable with the MAM course it is replacing. Permission of the program directors of MAM and either of the other programs is necessary for this substitution to be acceptable.

Since the MAM program does not have “electives” per se, it is necessary that transferred credit from other accredited graduate courses have essentially equivalent content to fulfill MAM requirements. Determination of actual equivalency will be the responsibility of the MAM program director. Students may apply for up to six hours of transfer graduate credit, but must provide the syllabus for the course from which credits are being requested.

MA, Major in Ministry course requirements (46 credits):

33 credits of accelerated, on-line Theology courses: 33
Introduction to the Old Testament
Introduction to New Testament
Ecclesiology: Theology of Church and Ministry
Moral Theology and Decision Making
Worship, Liturgy and Sacrament
Theology and Catechesis
Ministerial Ethics and Leadership Skills
Historical Development of Fundamental Doctrine
Historical Spiritualities in the Christian Tradition
Canon Law, Catholic Identity and Ecumenism
Christian Prayer and Spirituality
Professional and Personal Development: 7
Orientation to Study and Ministry
Personal Human and Spiritual Development of the Minister
Introduction to Psychological Issues in Ministry
Lay Spiritual Movements
MAM 792Internship4
MAM 799Synthesis in Lay Eccesial Ministry2
Total Credits46