MSN:Nursing Administration & Leadership

Degree requirements (43 credits)

GRD 600Orientation to Creighton0
IPE 500Introduction to Collaborative Care0
Research/Theory Core Courses
NUR 683Statistics and Data Analysis for Evidence-Based Nursing Practice3
NUR 685Exploring Evidence for Improving Outcomes3
NUR 686Evaluative Methods for Evidence-Based Nursing Practice3
Leadership/Policy Core Courses
NUR 687Care Management and Outcomes Improvement3
MHE 607Practical Ethics in Health Care Settings3
Role Support Courses
NUR 684Epidemiology3
MBA 701Financial Reporting for MBAs3
MBA 741Economic Analysis for Managers3
NCR courses6
Specialty and Role Courses
NUR 689Organizations As Complex Adaptive Systems3
NUR 690Practicum: Organizations as Complex Adaptive Systems3
NUR 787Organizational Transformation3
NUR 788Practicum: Organizational Transformation4
Total Credits43