The M.S. Medical Physics program will provide training for individuals interested in pursuing a career in
Medical Physics. The 43 hour master’s program will provide didactic training in the fundamentals of
medical and health physics, radiobiology, radiological physics and radiation dosimetry, nuclear medicine,
medical imaging, as well as research (M.S. Thesis required) and clinical experience (clinical rotations in
local hospitals) to provide the experience needed by practicing medical physicists.

M.S., Major in Medical Physics requirements (43 credits)

PHY 565Radiation Biophysics3
PHY 566Physics of Medical Imaging I3
PHY 567Physics of Medical Imaging II3
PHY 531Quantum Mechanics3
PHY 551Mathematical Physics3
PHY 561Nuclear Physics3
PHY 562Nuclear Instruments And Methods2
PHY 661Physics of Radiation Therapy3
PHY 662Radiation Dosimetry and Protection3
PHY 792Medical Physics Seminar ((take twice))2
PHY 797Directed Independent Research6
PHY 798Medical Physics Clinical Rotation3
PHY 799Master's Thesis ((take twice))6
Total Credits43