All entry-level students in the SPAHP are required to obtain and maintain biennial certification in CPR life support for the healthcare provider from the American Heart Association. All entry-level students must attend the mandatory CPR classes scheduled during the first month of the first semester of their program of study or in the summer immediately preceding their first semester, and repeat the certification if their program of study extends beyond two calendar years.  The SPAHP will inform students of CPR life support for the healthcare provider courses offered on campus or in a facility located in close proximity to the Creighton University campus, as well as their respective costs.  The students will be responsible for the cost of the certification program.

Post-professional students must fulfill the CPR requirement by taking an American Heart Association authorized Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers training course or its equivalent prior to experiential education activities.  Proof of CPR certification will be submitted to each program’s Director one month prior to student participation in the experiential education program, and biennially thereafter for as long as the student remains enrolled.