Withdrawal from any course requires sufficient cause, and may be made only with the approval of the Assistant/Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (traditional students) or the Director of the appropriate nontraditional (post-professional Occupational Therapy) pathway. After the first week of class (the period for late registration and change of schedule) the Assistant/Associate Dean for Academic Affairs or the nontraditional program Director will solicit the recommendation of the instructor(s) involved and the student’s academic advisor before acting upon the student’s petition to withdraw from a course or to change status from credit to audit.

Course withdrawals with a “W” may not be made later than the date posted each semester, which is approximately one week after mid-semester grades are available. A student who drops a course without approval of the Assistant/Associate Dean for Academic Affairs receives a “WF” for the course (failure because of unauthorized withdrawal). A student registered in a specific course who simply decides to quit attending class without completing the proper paperwork will be assigned a grade of AF (failure due to excessive absences). Both the WF and AF grades are grounds for probation. Students are considered full-time students and pay the flat-rate tuition regardless of the number of hours taken