Specific information on immunization requirements for Creighton University Health Science students is available online on the Creighton Center for Health and Counseling website at www.creighton.edu/chc.  The cost for all immunizations, titers and screenings will be borne by the student.

All admitted, entry-level SPAHP students are required to submit a confidential health record to Student Health Services on the form sent to them by the Admissions Office.  Students will not be allowed to enroll if documentation of vaccination against measles, mumps, rubella, polio, varicella (chickenpox), tetanus-diphtheria (the last dose or booster within the past ten years), and tuberculosis screening is not received by August 1st  prior to their anticipated matriculation date.  Tuberculosis documentation must include a two-step PPD skin test at the beginning of the annual testing cycle followed by a yearly PPD skin test (An explanation of the two-step PPD test is available online on the Creighton Center for Health and Counseling website at www.creighton.edu/chc.  Any student with a positive PPD skin test (defined as a reaction greater than 10mm) must submit documentation in the form of a written physician’s report and chest x-ray done in the U.S. within the past 12 months.  A history of BCG vaccine does not preclude a student from PPD skin testing.  By the end of the second semester of enrollment in the SPAHP, students are required to complete a series of hepatitis B vaccinations followed by a titer proving immunity.  Students are also required to complete an annual tuberculosis screening each April.  

Post-professional students who have an experiential education component are required to comply with the Creighton University Health Science students immunization requirements prior to engaging in experiential education activities.  Each non-traditional, transitional and post-professional Program Director will inform post-professional students in advance of when required immunization documentation must be submitted and will monitor student compliance. 

Students may request a waiver of immunization or screening only if they can document that they have been previously immunized or screened, or where there is a documented medical contraindication.  Students considering international experiential training should be aware that additional immunizations may be required in order to comply with health requirements outside of the United States.