BSBA-ACC/MAC Accelerated program

BSBA-Accounting / Master of Accounting

The BSBA to Master of Accountancy (MAC) Accelerated program is designed to allow highly motivated students to complete both the undergraduate degree in accounting and the master of accountancy degree in four years. Many students matriculate to Creighton with advanced placement and dual credit courses, ranging in total from 10 - 50 hours of credit. These students have greater flexibility in their course schedules, and accordingly have availability to complete master's-level courses during their fourth year at Creighton. The Accelerated MAC program allows students to meet the mandated educational requirements to sit for the CPA exam while earning a graduate degree.  The curriculum in the Accelerated MAC program will mirror the curriculum in Creighton's existing (traditional) MAC program.

Students in the BSBA to MAC Accelerated program will enroll in 30 graduate credit hours, generally during their final two semesters as a BSBA undergraduate within the MAC program. (For illustrative purposes, the table below provides an example of the timing of these courses.)  Students also have the opportunity to pursue a Graduate Business Analytics Certificate in conjunction with their fourth year MAC coursework.

Plan of Study Grid
ACC 516 Advanced Cost Accounting * 3
ACC 544 Advanced Taxation * 3
MAC 756 Research and Analysis of Ethical Issues in the Accounting Profession 3
Six credits of Graduate Electives 6
 Term Credits15
ACC 521 Advanced Accounting * 3
ACC 523 Advanced Auditing * 3
MAC 761 Current Issues in Accounting 3
Six credits of Graduate Electives 6
 Term Credits15
 Total Credits30

Please note that students are responsible for identifying interest in this program sometime in their first or second year at Creighton to allow for proper academic advising and curriculum planning/advising. 

Admissions criteria are as follows:

For students in the Accelerated MAC program, the traditional MAC admission requirements are modified as follows:

  1. Eligibility for Admission: For Creighton Students in the Accelerated MAC program, the requirement of the traditional MAC program to have a completed bachelor's degree will be waived in lieu of exhibited success in the undergraduate program.  This success will be evidenced by the fact the student has maintained an overall GPA of at least 3.25 and a GPA in upper level accounting courses of at least 3.0.  The program director may allow for conditional admission if these grade levels are not met. The student should have completed the following prior to the start of the fall semester of their fourth academic year for formal admission to the accelerated program (unless otherwise approved by the program director):
    • All non-accounting major requirements for the BSBA degree;
    • All required courses for the undergraduate accounting major except for the accounting elective course.
  2. Application: A completed application form, personal essay discussing how a master's degree fits with an applicant's career objectives upon completion of the program, current resume, and a non-refundable application fee are required.
  3. Recommendations: Two recommendations are required. The recommendations should be completed by persons other than family members who are capable of assessing an applicant's performance in an academic or work setting.
    1. For Creighton Students in the Accelerated MAC program, at least one of the required letters of recommendation must be from a faculty member in the Heider College who taught the applicant in a Heider College business course.
  4. Transcripts: One official transcript must be sent from each institution of collegiate rank attended by the applicant. Transcripts should be sent directly from the collegiate institution to the Enrollment Services, Harper Center, 2500 California Plaza, Omaha, NE 68178. All such transcripts become the property of Creighton University.
  5. Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT): For Creighton Students in the Accelerated MAC program, the GMAT will be waived.
  6. Financial Ability: All international applicants must provide a "Certification of Available Finances" form in order for the I-20 form to be issued by the Office of International Programs if an applicant is admitted to the program.

Acceptance to the MAC program is granted to applicants who clearly demonstrate that they have high promise of succeeding in graduate business study. Interviews are not required as part of the admission process.