Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

The graduate certificate in Business Analytics consists of 15 credit hours of graduate course work. Courses will be online.   Students approved to enroll in business graduate-level courses at Creighton are eligible to enroll in this certificate program. During the course work students are required to work on projects that involved real-world data sets. This certificate is designed for students who wish to engage in data and information analysis, explore and develop basic data-driven models for predicting outcomes and events, and obtain a good understanding of analytics that can be applied in various parts of a business to achieve operational efficiencies and enhance decision making.

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics Requirements (15 Credits):

Each of the following required courses:
BIA 603Python Programming for Analytics3
BIA 729Statistics for Business Analytics3
BIA 782Database Management Systems3
At least six credits from the following list: 6
Predictive Analytics
Applications of Optimization Modeling
Data Visual Analysis and Visualization
Machine Learning
Business Analytics Readings
Total Credits15