MBA/MFin Dual Degree

The Master of Business Administration/Master of Finance (MBA/MFIN) dual degree program is designed to offer either a general management education, i.e., the MBA degree, to students new to the study of business or an advanced and more specialized business education to students with a business degree and/or significant business experience, along with allowing students to focus more on their studies in finance.


Students entering the program will also need to show evidence that they have completed at least one statistics course in their undergraduate degree or satisfy the statistics requirement by taking MIM 724.  Students without a statistics class may either complete an acceptable undergraduate course or a non-credit statistics tutorial offered for a fee by the college.


MFin Core (18 hours)
MIM 722Fixed Income and Derivatives I3
MIM 724Quantitative Analysis3
MIM 730Financial Statement Analysis I3
MIM 734Equity Analysis3
MIM 740Portfolio Management3
MBA 711Managerial Finance3
or MBA 712 Advanced Managerial Finance
MBA Core
MBA 771Leadership and Organizational Behavior3
MBA 775Business Policy And Managerial Action3
BIA 762Survey of Business Intelligence and Analytics3
MBA Functional Core
Select one of the following:3
Financial Reporting for MBAs
Managerial Decision-Making Using Quantitative and Qualitative Data
Accounting Seminar: Special Managerial and Financial Accounting Issues
Tax Theory and Business Decisions
Advanced Accounting
International Accounting
Advanced Taxation
Seminar in Accounting
Select one of the following:3
Marketing Management
Marketing Information for Executives
Marketing Dynamics Seminar
Elective Group #13
Students must choose from one of the following:
Economics of Investment Management
Economic Analysis for Managers
Seminar in Applied Managerial Economics
Elective Group #2 3
Students must choose from one of the following:
MIM 720Ethical and Professional Standards3
MBA 776Business, Ethics and Society3
Elective Group #33
Students must choose one elective from MBA finance, MIM or MSF offerings (subject to MFIN Director approval
Electives 6
Students must take one course in each of the two following functional areas: Accounting, economics, BIA or marketing
Total Credits54