M.S., Integrated Medical Sciences

M.S., integrated Medical Sciences: (67 Credits)

The Master of Science degree in Integrated Medical Sciences (MSIMS) within the School of Medicine’s Department of Medical Education is designed for former Creighton medical students who have satisfactorily completed Components I and II of the School of Medicine curriculum and have officially withdrawn from the MD program in the School of Medicine within the last year.  Students can apply credits earned within the School of Medicine curriculum toward this degree. In addition to completing all Component I and Component II coursework in a satisfactory manner, students within the MSIMS program will be required to enroll in and successfully complete the MMS 651 - Capstone Course, within one year of initial enrollment into the program.  Successful completion of the MSIMS program will enable students to demonstrate proficiency with the preclerkship coursework and enhance pursuit of medically-related careers. Admission to the M.S. degree in Integrated Medical Sciences is open only to Creighton University medical students with permission of the Program Director.

Required Courses from MD curriculum
CIB 103Foundational Science5
CIB 105Immunology and Hematology4
CIB 107Musculoskeletal and Integumentary Systems7
CIB 109Neuroscience7
CIB 113Cardiovascular System5
CIB 115Respiratory System4
CIB 119Infectious Disease3
CIB 202Gastrointestinal System5
CIB 204Renal-Urinary System4
CIB 206Endocrine System3
CIB 208Reproductive System4
CIB 210Life Cycle3
CIB 212Multisystem Disease/Clinical Decision Making5
CIB 218Brain and Behavior3
Degree Completion Course
MMS 651Capstone Project3
Total Credits67