Oral Biology, Anatomical Science - M.S.

Oral Biology: Anatomical Science track course requirements (35 credits):

MOB 509General Gross Anatomy4
MOB 510Histology3
MOB 511Special Problems in Oral Biology1
MOB 512Head and Neck Anatomy/Teaching Techniques3
MOB 513Oral Histology and Embryology3
MOB 514Introduction to Biostatistics and Its Applications2
MOB 515Special Problems Oral Biology II1
MOB 607Teaching Practicum In General Gross Anatomy3
MOB 608Teaching Practicum in Histology1
MOB 610Teaching Practicum in Head & Neck Anatomy3
MOB 611Teaching Practicum in Oral Histology & Embryology1
MOB 612Special Problems in Oral Biology IV1
MOB 700Research for the Master's Thesis3-6