Living Accomodations

The annual room and board rates in University residence halls effective August 2024:

Building Type Room Annual Rate
Deglman Hall (Freshmen)1 Double Occupancy $6,600
Graves Hall (Freshman)1 Suite Double Occupancy $8,000
Swanson Hall (Freshmen and Sophomores)1 Suite Double Occupancy $7,400
McGloin Hall (Sophomores)1 Suite Double Occupancy $7,800
Kenefick Hall (Sophomores)2 Efficiency Double Occupancy $7,700
One Bedroom Double Occupancy $7,900
Heider Hall (Sophomores) 2 Efficiency Double Occupancy $7,960
Small One Bed Double Occupancy $7,900
Suite 4 person Occupancy $7,900
Large One Bed Double Occupancy $8,250
Two Bedroom, Double Occupancy $7,950
Davis Square - Nine Month (Freshmen & Sophomores)2 2/3/4 Bedroom Apartment $8,300
Opus Hall - Twelve Month (Juniors and Seniors) 2/3/4 Bedroom Apartment $880/month
Board Plans Type Annual Rate
Standard Meal Plans:
Dining Hall All Access(19 Meals per week + $150 Dining Dollars + 5 guest passes per semester)
14 Meals per week + $600 Dining Dollars + 5 guest passes per semester
10 Meals per week + $1,000 Dining Dollars + 5 guest passes per semester
Apartment Meal Plan
Apartment 7 - 7 Meals per week + $700 Dining Dollars + 5 guest passes
Flex Plans:
Flex 85- Any 85 Meals + $420 Dining Dollars per semester
Flex 65-Any 65 Meals + $350 Dining Dollars per semester

Students living in Deglman, Graves, Kiewit, McGloin and Swanson must have a Standard Meal Plan.


Students living in Heider, Kenefick, or Davis must have at least an Apartment 7 Meal Plan.

On-Campus Living

The University operates nine residence halls. Deglman, Kiewit, and Gallagher Halls are traditional-style freshman residence halls with common bathroom facilities. Rooms are double occupancy. Space in Swanson Hall is available to freshman students as well. Swanson is a suite-style hall with four freshman or four sophomore students per suite. McGloin Hall is also a suite-style hall with four sophomore students per suite. Kenefick Hall is an apartment-style hall for sophomores with double-occupancy efficiency and one-bedroom apartments.  Heider Hall is an apartment-style residence with double and quad-occupancy efficiency, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments open to sophomore undergraduates. Davis Square and Opus Hall, apartment complexes for junior and senior-level students, house students in two, three, or four-bedroom apartments. A small number of sophomore students may reside in Davis Square. Residents of Davis Square and Opus Hall sign a 12-month lease. All other students contract for the full academic year, beginning in August and continuing until the end of exams the following May.

The residence hall agreement is for room and board. All freshman and sophomore residents are required to have a meal plan. Residents living in Deglman, Gallagher, Kiewit, Swanson, and McGloin must purchase either the All Access, 15, 12, or 9 meal plan. Sophomore residents of Kenefick Hall, Heider Hall and Davis Square must purchase the All Access, 15, 12, 9 or Flex 100 meal plan option. Exemptions (for example, for religious or medical reasons) to meal plan requirements may be requested electronically to the Director for Housing and Auxiliary Services or their designee, via email at Generally, the University Dining Services is able to meet most dietary needs. Board plans are also available to off campus and commuting students.

Meals are served in the Brandeis and Harper dining halls located adjacent to the campus residence halls. More information about dining opportunities is available from Sodexo at