Opportunities for Involvement and Recognition

While the Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy and Physical Therapy programs of the School offer a wide variety of opportunities for specialized involvement in professionally-related activities and service, there are also organizations and recognition that are independent of professional or academic affiliation. 

Student Organizations

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy: The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) student chapter partners with the national organization to help student members be exposed to managed care and develop medication management principles to provide the best possible health care to all. Members of AMCP will gain information and education about managed care, professional networking, professional development, advocacy, and the opportunity to compete in the unique P&T competition. In addition, members will gain access to information about IPPE's, APPE's, and residencies in managed care, listen to prominent guest lecturers in the field of managed care, and participate in many networking opportunities. 

Academy of Student Pharmacists: A student chapter of the American Pharmacists Association, now called the Academy of Student Pharmacists (ASP), was established at Creighton in 1955. This organization replaced the Creighton University Student American Pharmaceutical Association, which included all pharmacy students in its membership. The purpose of ASP is to advance the scholastic and social interests of pharmacy students, and to promote University and School loyalty. Many worthwhile events and projects are sponsored by ASP during the school year.

Alpha Alpha Chapter of Rho Chi, the national pharmacy honor society, was established at Creighton University in 1941. Charters and chapters of this organization are granted only to schools or colleges that are members in good standing of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. Eligibility for membership in the Society is based on high scholarship and leadership. All candidates selected for membership must have completed the first professional year, and must be approved by the Dean of the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions.

American Society of Consulting Pharmacists: The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) was established at Creighton University to promote awareness of consultant pharmacy practice in health care institutions. ASCP empowers pharmacists to promote health aging through the appropriate use of medications. The mission of ASCP is to provide opportunities for the leadership and personal/professional growth for students with a passion for consulting pharmacy and serving our geriatric population. ASCP strives to provide members with education and information through guest speakers, presentation of the latest groundbreaking research, community service,  and extensive networking. 

Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International (CPFI): CPFI is an organization rooted in the Christian faith that allows for pharmacy students and faculty to come together in community with one another. The organization brings in individuals from the healthcare community and beyond to discuss biblical topics that are applicable to our roles in the pharmacy profession. Our members are given the opportunity to grow in their faith as well as their abilities to better serve as pharmacists in the profession.

Creative Occupations: Creative Occupations was recognized as an official student organization for occupational therapy students in 2014. The purpose of the organization is to embrace occupational therapy's founding interventions. Through creative mediums, students promote occupations that connect to didactic coursework. The organization encourages community outreach and enhances education through service experiences and creative program activities for individuals across a lifespan.

Creighton University Sports Physical Therapy Association: The Creighton University Sports Physical Therapy Association consists of DPT students desiring to learn more about the physical therapist's role as part of the sports medicine team.  The Association was organized to become active in the community and to further incorporate service into the profession of physical therapy.  Students will utilize faculty expertise, local physical therapists and other health care professionals to broaden their knowledge and skill level in relation to sports prevention and rehabilitation.

CU COTAD: The Creighton University chapter of Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity (CU COTAD Chapter) is an official branch of the National Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity (COTAD) organization. Creighton’s COTAD Chapter was established to foster open conversations and increased advocacy for marginalized populations to aid in the progression of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, and to encourage involvement with issues that arise alongside diversity and inclusion. The mission for Creighton’s COTAD Chapter is to promote fellowship among students, faculty, and the community through the enhancement of cultural humility, seeking justice for the poor and marginalized, and dissemination of shared knowledge and experiences. 

CUSOTA: Creighton University Student Occupational Therapy Association (CUSOTA) has been recognized as an official student organization for occupational therapy students since 1990. The purposes of the organization are student fellowship and camaraderie, discussion of issues of professional relevance, and promotion of community service activity and scholastic excellence among members.

CUSAPTA:  (CUSAPTA) was recognized as an official student organization for physical therapy students in 1995 in Omaha and 2022 in Phoenix. The purpose of the Association is to provide an intellectual and social forum whereby Creighton physical therapy students can interact and associate with peers both within the physical therapy profession and from other health care disciplines. The Association supports the professional development of students through service and educational experiences outside the didactic and clinical curriculum.

Industry Pharmacists Organization (IPhO): IPhO believes that pharmacists' scientific training, medication expertise, clinical acumen, patient focus, and experience as healthcare providers make us ideally suited for a career in the pharmaceutical industry.  Pharmacists are playing a key role in Development, Medical and Commercial organizations and are making valuable contributions to drug development and optimal medication utilization each and every day. IPhO works with its members to advocate for advancing industry-based pharmacists to leadership positions by increasing awareness and recognition among employers, senior management, colleagues, thought leaders, educators, and students of what pharmacists have to offer.

The Interprofessional Mental Health Organization (IMHO) is an opportunity for students in SPAHP to expand their knowledge and skills to address the mental health needs of patients in a variety of settings while providing an opportunity to network between disciplines. Students will have the chance to educate themselves through lectures, speakers, community engagement and volunteer opportunities on the importance of addressing the psychosocial needs of individuals across the lifespan in all settings.  

Interprofessional Geriatric Organization (IGO): The Interprofessional Geriatric Organization (IGO) was created in 2008 to promote awareness and understanding of geriatric population within the university community.  It encourages students from various disciplines to work together for the betterment of the aging community. Student education is enhanced through service, the presentation of new research reported in the literature,  and community programs for older adults.

Jays for Peds: Jays for Peds is an organization for students in the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions interested in pediatrics related to clinical practice.  The purpose of this organization is to provide members with additional knowledge, exposure, and experience in pediatrics and to assist students in understanding the role of pediatrics in the health care system. 

The Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity was founded at the Russell Military Academy in New Haven, Connecticut in 1879. Creighton’s Beta Nu Chapter was revitalized in 1978 after having been inactive since World War II and continues to be very active locally, regionally and nationally. Membership is open to all Pharmacy students, both male and female. This group sponsors many professional and social activities throughout the year.

Minority Health Science Student Association (MHSSA) was established in 1999 to build and maintain a supportive community among diverse groups of students, faculty and administration of the Health Sciences Division at Creighton University. It also promotes the needs and interests of students representing different ethnic and cultural groups in the Schools of Pharmacy and Health Professions, Nursing, Medicine, and Dentistry.

National Community Pharmacists Association: The Creighton University student chapter of the NCPA (formerly NARD) was established in 1993. All students enrolled in the pharmacy program are eligible for NCPA membership. The mission of the organization is to promote professionalism among pharmacy students, provide exposure to unique and innovative community/retail practice environments, and promote an awareness of political and legislative issues which impact pharmacy. Membership in NCPA offers the opportunity to engage in public service, hone leadership skills, and develop the attitudes necessary for life-long personal and professional growth.

NCODA: The NCODA – Interprofessional Hematology-Oncology Organization is an officially recognized Professional Student Organization through NCODA for anyone interested in learning more about Oncology treatment, Interprofessional management of patient disease states, and more.  This organization was established at Creighton University in 2022.  We have access to International and National guidance and help from the parent organization NCODA.  All students have many opportunities to present posters, work with current healthcare and industry professionals, and even publish articles.  It is a great organization to get started on your Oncology journey, no matter your healthcare specialty.  NCODA brings together oncology care professionals to address the growing need for dispensing cancer clinics and resources by hosting an international event to educate, connect, and engage attendees to improve healthcare operations. It promotes unique and dynamic experiences for students to collaborate with all oncology stakeholders. 

Neurological Rehabilitation Organization: The Neurological Rehabilitation Organization is an interprofessional organization created in 2015. The purpose of this organization  is to promote awareness and foster a basic understanding of neurological conditions that affect movement and function, advocate for individuals in the community with neurological conditions, provide service to this population within the greater Omaha area, and to enhance education beyond the classroom learning environment. 

Pharmacy and Health Professions Student Government (PHPSG) coordinates the activities of all recognized student organizations of the School.  The PHPSG officers elected by the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions student body include the President, three Vice Presidents representing the disciplines of Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Pharmacy, a Secretary and a Treasurer.  An academic class representative and a representative of each recognized student organization of the School are on the PHPSG Board.  This organization is the body which petitions the Creighton Students Union (CSU) for funds to support professional and social activities run by the various School-based student organizations and academic classes. 

Phi Lambda Sigma is a national pharmacy leadership society dedicated to the encouragement, recognition, and promotion of leadership in the field of pharmacy. Creighton’s Alpha Mu chapter was established in 1991. Pharmacy students, faculty, administrators, alumni, and staff who have demonstrated dedicated service and leadership in the advancement of pharmacy, and who are of high moral and ethical character, are eligible for membership. The advancement of pharmacy in schools, colleges and society is ensured through education, community service programs, and participation in pharmacy-related activities.

Physical Therapy Leadership Guild: The Physical Therapy Leadership Guild is an organization promoting leadership, campus and community service and pursuit of high academic achievement. The Guild develops quality student leaders in the Creighton physical therapy program by creating opportunities to lead, and offering organization memberships and scholarships. The purpose of the Guild is to encourage members to contribute to the beneficence of society by organizing and promoting campus and community service projects as well as providing enriching educational opportunities.

Student College of Clinical Pharmacy: Student College of Clinical Pharmacy (SCCP) is a student chapter of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP). As such, members are able to participate in and enjoy the benefits of membership in the national ACCP organization, including curriculum vitae review, PRN memberships, and annual meetings. The SCCP chapter exposes students to clinical practice through service learning, annual clinical competitions, and career development opportunities. SCCP strives to prepare student for a career in clinical pharmacy by providing member with resources and support. 

Creighton Ability Network (CAN) was established as an official University student organization in 1999.  This campus-wide group was initiated in the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions to focus on important disability issues and advocate for students with disabilities.  The mission of the CAN is to empower each member with the knowledge and political savvy to promote positive change for individuals with disabilities, to increase understanding of disability issues among the Creighton University community, and to offer emotional support to those with disabilities or who are concerned with disability issues.  The CAN reflects the Catholic and Jesuit traditions of the University by fostering an integrated vision of the world, which is achieved by addressing the right of disabled students to receive an education equal to that of their non-disabled colleagues. 

Student Society of Health-System Pharmacy (SSHP) is an officially recognized Student Society by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. The society was established as a student organization at Creighton University in 2013. The mission for SSHP is to provide meaningful programming that encourages career and interest exploration in health system pharmacy practice, and to promote professional membership for all students. SSHP’s primary focus centers on residency training. Membership benefits also include networking, professional speaker events, inter-professional opportunities, professional service experiences, panel discussions, and more. 

National Societies

Membership in Phi Lambda Sigma, national pharmacy leadership society, is awarded on the basis of dedicated service and leadership in the advancement of pharmacy.

Membership in Rho Chi, national pharmacy honor society, is based on high attainment in scholarship, character and leadership.

Pi Theta Epsilon: Alpha Iota Chapter: The Alpha Iota Chapter of Pi Theta Epsilon was established as an official Creighton University Honor Society during the 1991 Fall semester and inducted new members at the first ceremony in December of that year. Pi Theta Epsilon was developed as a national honor society for occupational therapy students and alumni. This society recognizes and encourages superior scholarship among students enrolled in professional entry-level and post-professional occupational therapy programs at accredited schools across the United States. The mission of Pi Theta Epsilon is to promote research and scholarship among occupational therapy students.

Class Officers:  Academic classes in each program and pathway elect officers that serve a one year term.  The class officers role is to facilitate community building, class and cohort activities, and liaise with the faculty and staff to address student concerns and participate in program-related functions.

Faculty Awards

The Teaching Excellence Award is presented to the School faculty member who has demonstrated the highest quality of teaching as exemplified by professional competence, communication and evaluation skills, and effective interpersonal interaction.

The Scholarly Achievement Award is presented to the School faculty member who has exhibited the highest achievement in scholarly activity based on publications, grantsmanship and scholarly presentations.

The Service Award is presented to a School faculty member in recognition of outstanding service to the community and University.

Dr. Pete Ellerbeck Memorial Award, sponsored by the Creighton University chapter of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, is presented to an outstanding pharmacy faculty member as voted on by all pharmacy students who have completed at least one year of the professional program. The award is based on professionalism, teaching ability, furthering the profession of pharmacy, professional publications, School spirit and dedication.

Rho Chi Excellence in Teaching Award is presented to the pharmacy faculty or staff member voted as the most outstanding teacher by currently active student members of Alpha Alpha Chapter of Rho Chi National Pharmacy Honor Society.

Phi Lambda Sigma Leadership Award is presented by the Creighton University Chapter of Phi Lambda Sigma National Pharmacy Leadership Society to a faculty or staff member who demonstrates leadership on a local, regional or national level, and who serves as a role model for students and peers.

The Fr. Don Driscoll, S.J., Teaching Award is student nominated and presented to a faculty member who appreciates the importance of incorporating the Ignatian values in their classroom and their daily lives. These values include Cura Personalis (care for the individual), Magis (excellence), Men and Women for and with Others, and Finding God in All Things.

Occupational Therapy Faculty Awards are presented by each Doctor of Occupational Therapy class to faculty members who have been of great service to the students, and exemplary role models and teachers.

Pharmacy Faculty Awards are presented by each Doctor of Pharmacy class to the faculty members who have made significant contributions to their education and professional development for that year.

Physical Therapy Department Awards are presented by each Doctor of Physical Therapy class to the faculty members who have made significant contributions to their education and professional development for that year.