Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry Department accompanies students, faculty, staff and alumni into a transformative relationship with a God who invites us to a life of love and service. As Catholic, Creighton is dedicated to the pursuit of truth in all its forms and is guided by the living tradition of the Church. As Jesuit, Creighton University participates in the tradition of the Society of Jesus, a religious order founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola, whose companions gave witness to their love of Jesus Christ through service to others in many acts of Christian charity. In terms of the Jesuits’ educational apostolate, formation of students to become “agents of change” in the world is paramount. Students learn to promote a “faith that does justice,” while being “leaders for and with others.”  As comprehensive, Creighton’s education is directed to the intellectual, social, spiritual and physical aspects of students' lives as they continue their vocations after graduation.

Worship on Campus - Creighton Campus Ministry offers several opportunities for worship, for students of all Christian backgrounds. There are daily and weekly Masses, as well as sacraments at St. John’s Church for Catholic students. Additionally, Campus Ministry offers protestant worship services and community at The Common Well, for all students from a wide span of Christian backgrounds.

Programs - Campus Ministry offers a comprehensive retreat program, individual spiritual companionship, faith-sharing communities called Christian Life Communities (CLCs), interfaith programming in addition to several other programs and events through the academic year. Additionally sacramental preparation, including confirmation and marriage preparation is available through St. John’s parish.

St. John's is the symbolic center of the Creighton community in the heart of our campus. Catholic Christians are most welcome to join the parish community as active members. There are many opportunities for students to participate fully as lectors, musicians, or Eucharistic ministers in our regular parish and University liturgies.

Students are welcome to visit the Campus Ministry offices located on the lower level of Swanson Hall.