Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship

The Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURAS) supports and facilitates undergraduate research across all schools and colleges at Creighton University.

Director: Amanda Holman, PhD
Research Program Planner: Ethan Ankrum

Concentration in Undergraduate Research and Scholarship

The Concentration in Undergraduate Research and Scholarship is offered by the Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURAS) in recognition of undergraduate students who have mastered a comprehensive range of skills essential to their success as Jesuit-educated researchers. Students obtain the concentration through a combination of coursework, research presentations, proposal writing or publication, and participation in events and assessments sponsored by the Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship. In the spirit of the Jesuit tradition, reflection and ethics are also crucial components of this program.

Learning Outcomes and Objectives:

  1. Students will acquire research skills and knowledge specific to their field of interest

2. Students will effectively orally communicate their research/creative project findings to a broader audience

3. Students will effectively communicate their research/creative project findings and ideas in written form

4. Students will reflect on how their research fits into Creighton’s mission and addresses Jesuit values

Concentration Requirements:

Summary: The Concentration has requirements in two primary forms: academic and research dissemination. The academic requirement includes successful completion of 3 credits of independent research and 6 credits of research-related coursework. The research dissemination portion requires 1 research proposal or publication, 1 presentation at a local, regional, or national conference, and either attendance or presentation of one’s research at 3 Creighton research events. Research dissemination recognition is completed in a 1 credit capstone research course.

Independent Research: 3 credits

ACC 497Directed Independent Research1-3
AMS 497Directed Independent Research1-3
ANT 497Directed Independent Research1-6
ARH 497Directed Independent Research1-3
ART 495Directed Independent Projects1-3
ART 497Directed Independent Research1-3
BIO 397Directed Independent Research (Extramural)0-3
BIO 497Directed Independent Research0-3
BUS 497Directed Independent Research1-3
CHM 297Directed Research0-2
CHM 496Directed Independent Research I0-3
CHM 497Directed Independent Research II0-2
COM 498Directed Independent Research - Special0-3
CRJ 497Directed Independent Research1-6
CSC 497Directed Independent Research1-3
ECO 497Directed Independent Research1-3
EDU 497Directed Independent Research1-3
ENT 497Directed Independent Research1-3
EVS 497Directed Independent Research0-3
EXS 497Directed Independent Research0-4
FIN 497Directed Independent Research1-3
FRN 497Directed Independent Research0-3
GDE 599Senior Capstone3
GER 497Directed Independent Research0-3
HAP 497Directed Independent Research1-6
HIS 497Directed Independent Research1-3
HLM 495Independent Study in Healthy Lifestyle Management1-3
JRM 599Senior Capstone: Entrepreneurial Media3
MTH 495Directed Independent Study1-3
MTH 497Directed Independent Research1-3
MUS 495Independent Research Project1-3
NAS 497Directed Independent Research1-6
NES 397Directed Independent Research (Extramural)0-3
NES 497Directed Independent Research (Intramural)0-3
PHL 495Directed Independent Study1-4
PHY 497Directed Independent Research0-3
PLS 497Directed Independent Research1-3
PSY 497Directed Independent Research0-3
SOC 497Directed Independent Research1-6
SPN 497Directed Independent Research in Spanish and Hispanic Studies0-3
THR 495Directed Independent Study1-3
THL 495Directed Independent Study1-4
WGS 495Directed Independent Study1-3
SWK 497Directed Independent Research1-6

Research Coursework: 6 credits

Student may choose courses from any of the three course areas: Research Methods and Analysis, Research Communication or Ethics, or Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs). There are no area distribution requirements for coursework.

Research Methods and Analysis
AMS 308Theories and Methods in American Studies3
AMS 316Qualitative Methods, Ethnography, and Engagement3
AMS 470Introduction to Geographic Information Systems4
AMS 570Making Maps that Matter: Introduction to GIS4
ANT 491Applied Research: Assessment and Evaluation4
ARH 401History and Methods of Art History3
ART 411Advanced Ceramics I3
ART 422Life Drawing IV3
ART 432Painting IV3
ART 448Printmaking IV3
BIA 261Business Analytics4
BIO 311Biostatistics4
BIO 318Genetics Laboratory1
BIO 363Cell Structure and Function Laboratory1
BIO 372Animal Behavior Laboratory2
BIO 419Molecular Genetics Laboratory2
BIO 463Neurobiology Laboratory1
BIO 481Terrestrial Ecology4
BIO 501Bioinformatics4
CHM 286Chemical and Statistical Analysis Laboratory2
CHM 315Quantitative and Statistical Analysis4
COM 300Communication Research Methods3
COM 359Rhetoric and Public Culture3
CRJ 312Research Design for the Social Sciences3
CRJ 314Statistics for the Social Sciences4
CRJ 316Qualitative Methods, Ethnography, and Engagement3
CRJ 570Making Maps that Matter: Introduction to GIS4
CSC 542Database Design and Security3
ECO 418Econometrics3
EDU 211Exploring Child and Adolescent Development3
EDU 299Understanding Educational Assessment and Statistical Reasoning4
ENG 330Sources and Methods of Writing3
ENG 331Sources and Methods of Reading3
ENG 400Novel Ecologies: History, Literature, and Environmental Crisis3
ENG 424Adventurous Men and Wild Women: Genre, Gender and Geography in Fin-de-Siecle Literature3
ENG 427Health, Justice and Literature3
ENG 437Literature, Philosophy and Economics: In Search of Economic Justice3
ENG 439Literacy And Technology: How Technology Shapes Cultural Literacy3
ENG 441Trauma in Literature3
ENG 446The Body in Early English Literature3
ENG 483The Rhetoric of Emotion3
ENG 489American Prisons: Punish or Reform3
EXS 350Nutrition for Health and Sports Performance3
EXS 407Basic Statistics and Research Design3
EXS 489Laboratory Methods and Procedures0-4
EXS 534Neuromechanics of Human Movement3
EXS 535Applied Immunology3
FPA 358Business of the Arts3
FRN 530Introduction to Literary Analysis3
GER 411Introduction To German Literature3
HIS 310History Workshop3
HIS 316Introduction to Digital Humanities3
JRM 440Media Research3
MKT 343Marketing Research3
MTH 366Machine Learning3
MTH 471Mathematical Analysis3
MTH 481Modern Algebra I3
MUS 415Conducting3
NUR 200Statistical Reasoning3
NUR 346Evidence-Based Practice I3
NUR 348Care Management Concepts II5
NUR 477Evidence-Based Practice II2
PHL 321Epistemology3
PHL 331Moral Philosophy3
PHL 332World Philosophy3
PHL 340Philosophy of Language3
PHL 342Metaphysics3
PHL 351Introduction To Chinese Philosophy3
PHL 358Social And Political Philosophy3
PHL 367American Philosophy3
PHL 370History Of Ancient Western Philosophy3
PHL 371History Of Hellenistic Philosophy3
PHL 372History of Medieval Philosophy3
PHL 373History Of Modern Philosophy3
PHL 374History Of 19th-Century Philosophy3
PHL 424Philosophy of Mind3
PHY 397Research Methods2
PHY 471Classical Mechanics3
PLS 310Political Science Research Methods 20-4
PSY 313Research Methods And Statistics I3
PLS 331Public and Non-Profit Administration3
PLS 463Game Theory And Social Choice3
PLS 530Advanced Statistics for Political Science3
PSY 314Research Methods and Statistics I - Laboratory1
PSY 315Research Methods And Statistics II3
SOC 312Research Design for the Social Sciences3
SOC 313Power and Society: Political Sociology in Action3
SOC 314Statistics for the Social Sciences4
SOC 318Gender in American Society3
SOC 570Making Maps that Matter: Introduction to GIS4
SPN 405Spanish Phonetics3
SPN 425Introduction to Literary Analysis3
THL 350Archaeology of Israel and Jordan3
THL 380Method and Theory in Theology3
THL 419Bible, Spirituality, & American Public Life3
THL 501The Pentateuch3
THL 503The Prophetic Literature Of The Old Testament3
THL 504The Wisdom Literature Of The Old Testament3
THL 505History of Biblical Interpretation3
THL 523Israelite Religions3
THL 531Studies in Early Christianity3
THL 538Seminar in Christian Anthropology3
THL 553Reformation Theology3
THL 565Catholic Social Teaching3
THL 567Gender, Race and Morality3
THL 573Religion and Politics3
THL 589The Rwanda Genocide as a Challenge for the Church3
THL 594Special Seminar in Biblical Studies3
THL 596Special Seminar in Historical-Doctrinal-Liturgical Studies3
Research Communication or Ethics
AMS 491Senior Seminar3
ANT 499Senior Capstone: Applying the Social Sciences3
ARH 499Senior Thesis1-3
ART 499Senior Thesis II1-3
BUS 356Business Ethics3
CHM 493Directed Independent Readings0-3
CHM 499Chemistry Seminar1
COM 497Senior Research in Communication Studies3
CRJ 499Senior Capstone: Applying the Social Sciences3
CSC 599Senior Capstone3
ECO 508History of Political Economy3
ECO 518Comparative Economic Systems3
EDU 584Advanced Instructional Practices3
EVS 354Environmental Ethics3
EVS 459Environmental Communication3
EVS 491Senior Seminar1
EXS 391Career Preparation and Professionalism3
FRN 411Advanced Spoken French3
FRN 412Advanced Written French3
GDE 426Data Visualization3
GER 321German For Business And Economics3
HAP 404Bioethics and Society3
HAP 410Seminar In Health Administration3
HAP 485Internship In Health Administration And Policy3
HAP 493Directed Independent Readings1-3
HIS 402Intersections: History of Disability3
HIS 595Special Problems in History3
HLM 499Capstone in Healthy Lifestyle Management3
JRM 319Media Writing3
JRM 320Professional Writing3
JRM 435History of American Mass Media3
MTH 400Current Issues in Mathematics1
MUS 498Senior Recital1
NES 464Neurobiology of Disease3
NES 592Neuroscience Senior Seminar1
PHL 425Sciences, Ethics & Society3
PHL 457Biomedical Ethics: Philosophical and Theological Approaches3
PHL 492Senior Seminar3
PHY 491Physics Seminar1
PHY 499Research Capstone1
PLS 483Public Affairs Internship1-6
PLS 591Senior Research Seminar In Political Science3
PLS 592Advanced Research Practicum3
PSY 491Honors Seminar3
SOC 499Senior Capstone: Applying the Social Sciences3
SPN 401Advanced Spanish Composition3
SPN 502Advanced Spanish Translation3
THL 492Senior Seminar3
THR 499Senior Thesis1-3
Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs)
ART 401Arts and Civic Engagement: Empty Bowls3
ART 402Art and Activism3
BIO 439Parasitology4
BIO 453Microbiology Laboratory1
BIO 517Current Topics in Genetics3
CHM 382Biochemistry Laboratory2
CSC 444Human Computer Interaction3
CSC 445Social Networks Analytics3
CSC 550Introduction To Artificial Intelligence3
CSC 590Special Topics3
CUR 111Introduction to Undergraduate Research1
ENG 228The City in Literature3
ENG 455Global Bollywood3
EVS 483History of Environmental Inequalities3
EVS 488Global Environmental History3
FRN 550La litterature francophone africaine3
FRN 551Women Writers In French And Francophone Literature3
FRN 566History of the Romance Languages3
GDE 380Graphic Design3
GER 568The Multiplicity of German Culture: Cultural Differences and Marginality3
HIS 374The Politics of Heredity: Eugenics in America3
HIS 431Mathematical History, Philosophy And Ethics3
HIS 488Global Environmental History3
HIS 490Advanced Research Methods3
HLM 451Heath and Wellness Coaching3
JRM 438Media Ethics and Law3
MTH 447Mathematics in Medicine and the Life Sciences I3
PHL 493Directed Independent Research0-4
PHL 597Advanced Independent Research1-4
PHY 353Introduction to Biological Physics3
PSY 316Research Methods And Statistics II Laboratory1
SPN 431Medical Spanish II3
SPN 554Twentieth-Century Latin-American Poetry3
SPN 555Twentieth-Century Latin American Theatre3
SPN 566History of the Romance Languages3
SPN 599Senior Seminar3
THR 441Play Direction And Script Analysis II3
THR 467Theatre for Social Justice3

Research Dissemination: 1 credit

CUR 400 Capstone in Undergraduate Research and Scholarship

The purpose of the Capstone course is to create or finalize the portfolio of research dissemination activities that have been completed by the student since arriving at Creighton. Students must enroll in CUR 400 during the semester they anticipate finalizing the following required research activities:

  1. One research presentation, exhibit, or performance at an event that includes non-Creighton attendees (local, regional, national). A Creighton-hosted event satisfies this requirement if it is a local, regional, or national event with non-Creighton attendees invited. 
  2. Attendance at 3 on-campus research, exhibition, or performance events (presentation at 2 on-campus events can substitute for the 3 attendance events). Off-campus presentations can substitute for up to 2 on-campus presentations.
  3. One research proposal (internal or external), or 1 submitted publication (internal via Quest (or equivalent internal publication outlets) or external outlets).
    1. Proposals
      1. Research proposals can be written as part of a course, an internal funding application (e.g. Summer Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects Fellowship), or external funding mechanisms.
      2. All proposals should include clear rationale, goals, and proposed methodology. Proposals should be at least 1000 words in length (approximately 4 pages double-spaced), unless otherwise stipulated by the funding agency.
      3. All proposals must have gone through a peer or expert-review process (internal or external) to satisfy this requirement.
      4. Proposals do not need to be funded to satisfy this requirement (i.e. rejected proposals are acceptable)
    2. Publications
      1. Work submitted to external outlets does not have to be published to satisfy the requirement (i.e. works under review or rejected still count).
      2. Published abstracts alone do not satisfy this requirement