Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC)

Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC)

Reserve Officers’ Training Corps was authorized by the War Department and established at Creighton University in 1919. The program is a cooperative effort contractually agreed to by the Army and Creighton University to commission officers into the United States Army. The program builds leaders of character to serve the common defense. Upon completion of the program, graduates are commissioned as Second Lieutenants.

Creighton’s Military Science Program is an elective two-year or four-year program taken as any other elective course. Up to 24 credit hours may be earned through the Army ROTC Program. The four-year program includes a Basic Course, taken during the Freshman and Sophomore years, and an Advanced Course, normally taken during the Junior and Senior years. There is no service obligation connected with enrollment in the Basic Course. An academic minor is available in Military Science through the College of Arts and Sciences and a major track is available through the College of Business.

Program Objectives

The program provides training designed to prepare students for a Commission in the U.S. Army. The student may earn a commission while earning an academic degree in a discipline of his or her choice. Creighton’s four-year nursing program and the accelerated nursing program are just two examples of degree programs available. The curriculum is interdisciplinary and encourages reflective thinking, assessment, goal setting and problem solving. The books, uniforms and equipment needed by students for ROTC courses are furnished.

Leadership training is the core of the Military Science program and is required each semester. It is accomplished, in part, through a leadership laboratory conducted each week and field exercises held each semester. The Basic Course develops an understanding of teamwork and leadership techniques. Leadership is enhanced through practical application in drill, leader reaction exercises and tactical exercises in field situations. Additionally, there are opportunities for optional adventure training in Air Assault, Airborne and Mountain Survival Training. Advanced Course students plan, organize and conduct the Basic Course leadership program, thereby enhancing their management, supervisory and leadership skills. Further growth is achieved through field exercises and enrichment activities, Ranger Training, Physical Training, and Cadet Troop Leadership Training.

Advanced Course

Although Military Science courses may be taken for credit by any student, only those students formally enrolling in and successfully completing the Advanced Course will receive a commission. If selected for and enrolled in the Advanced Course, the student must agree to complete the remaining two years of ROTC and to accept a commission, if offered, upon completion of the course.

Each Advanced Course student must attend a 32-day Leader Development and Assessment Course, normally during the summer between their junior and senior year. The course consists of the practical application of the instruction and skills learned at Creighton, with emphasis on leadership and physical fitness. Students are paid travel expenses to and from camp as well as a daily working salary. All accommodations, clothing, equipment, and food are provided.

A two-year program is available for students at or transferring to Creighton. Students enrolling in the two-year program must attend and successfully complete a four-week Leader Training Course prior to entering the Advanced Course unless they have prior military service. Upon entering the Advanced Course, the two-year students follow the same curriculum as all other Advanced Course students. All students enrolled in the Advanced Course receive monthly subsistence payments of $450-500 during the school year.

Army Reserve/Army National Guard Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)

The ROTC Program is normally a four-year program; however, under the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP), qualified juniors (those who are veterans or those who have successfully completed three years of Junior ROTC or Basic Training with a reserve or national guard unit) may upon the approval of the PMS enter the Advanced Course and earn a commission. The student may apply for Active Duty with the U.S. Army upon graduation.

Qualified SMP students may apply for scholarships under the Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty Scholarship program. This is a two- or three-year scholarship that could be worth up to $108,000. In addition to the $450 per month and the Reserve unit pay, SMP students are still eligible for selected Montgomery GI Bill college assistance programs and bonuses. Total monetary entitlements for a nonscholarship SMP student wanting to use the Montgomery GI Bill instead of a scholarship could exceed $36,000.

Special Opportunities

Students who have completed 12 months of service in one of the U.S. Armed Services and have achieved junior standing may upon approval of the PMS be granted credit for the Basic Course and enrolled in the Advanced Course. ROTC credit earned at other universities is transferable to Creighton.

Numerous associated and allied programs and extracurricular activities are available to ROTC students. CTLT (Cadet Troop Leadership Training), NSTP (Nurse Summer Training Program), Airborne, Air Assault, Northern Warfare, and Cultural Immersion Study Abroad are great examples of opportunities available to ROTC students. Students are allowed to attend these optional courses in the summer between their Freshman and Junior years. These courses are designed to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the military profession and allow them to acquire and develop new skills. Travel expenses and a stipend are included for each of these courses.

ROTC Scholarships

The National or High School Four-Year Scholarship is for high school students planning on attending a four-year college program. High School Juniors are eligible to start the application process on 1 February but the application must be completed by 28 February or a week prior to the board (whichever is more restrictive) in order to meet the scholarship board.  For more information applicant can go to for more detailed information.  If you miss the deadline to apply you may still be compete for the campus bases scholarships once in the program.

College Scholarship Program (Campus based scholarships) are those scholarships awarded to a cadet once they are already participating in the ROTC as a cadet.  Eligibility is for the college scholarship program is limited to students already accepted and participating in the ROTC program.  Information for the College Scholarship program can be found at

Those students receiving an ROTC scholarship will also receive a full room and board incentive award from the University for the semester the scholarship is put into effect and will continue as long as the Cadet meets ROTC academic and physical standards in addition to university academic standards.  This policy is subject to annual review by Creighton and can be superseded.

ROTC students who gain acceptance to a professional school in the medical field are eligible to apply for the Uniformed Services Health Professions Scholarship Program, which pays the recipient a monthly stipend plus tuition and all academic expenses. These scholarships are offered in medicine, osteopathy, and psychology (Ph.D., clinical or counseling) and dentistry. Scholarships are also available to students going on to Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Pharmacy. Two-year graduate scholarships are also available. Students desiring graduate and professional education are permitted to apply for deferment of service obligation resulting from their ROTC enrollment until the completion of such additional studies. This educational delay is open to those pursuing advanced medical, legal, and seminary professions. Feel free to call if there are any questions at (402) 280-1154/1176.

Air Force ROTC (Aerospace Studies)

Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) is a program designed to develop leaders of character for tomorrow’s Air and Space Force and our Nation. AFROTC offers college students a course of study ultimately leading to a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air or Space Forces. The program offers seminar classes with an emphasis placed on individual training and leadership development. Qualified students have opportunities to explore and evaluate Air and Space Force career opportunities while earning a degree. Creighton students register for the courses at Creighton but attend Aerospace Studies classes at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) while pursuing their degree at Creighton. This opportunity results from an agreement between Creighton and UNO that permits Creighton students to participate in the Air Force ROTC Program at UNO.

High school seniors may compete for three and four-year AFROTC scholarships. Winners of these scholarships may also receive a full residence hall room and board supplement upon activation of their scholarship at Creighton University. The value of this University award is equal to actual room and board charges as contracted with the University. Changes in room and/or board plans within a term will constitute an equivalent adjustment to the award. This award is activated when the ROTC scholarship becomes effective. The two kinds of Air Force ROTC scholarships that can be applied at Creighton are the Type I and Type II. A Type I scholarship is an uncapped scholarship. Any and all tuition and fees are paid by the Air Force. A Type II scholarship is capped at $18,000 yearly for tuition and fees. The student covers anything above that amount. In both cases $900 a year is paid to offset the cost of books and each student receives $300-$500 per month for 9 or 12 months in the year. This is a non-taxable allowance designed to offset the other costs associated with being a student.

Students who did not apply or receive an AFROTC scholarship during high school are eligible to compete for two- and three-year scholarships during their freshman and/or sophomore year in college. To be eligible, students should enroll in AFROTC classes.

Sophomore cadets may compete for a pre-health slot. After graduation, AFROTC cadets may apply for entrance into the Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program. Upon acceptance into medical school, the scholarship covers tuition, books, and lab fees. Up to four years of graduate-level health professions schooling is authorized.

If interested in any of these programs please contact AFROTC Detachment 470, University of Nebraska at Omaha, to obtain further information. 402.554.2318