Financial Services Track Requirements: 21 Credits

FIN 325Investment Analysis3
FIN 353Personal Financial Planning3
FIN 361Financial Institutions Management3
FIN 340Principles of Insurance3
Any 300-level Marketing course (EXCEPT MKT 319)3
Select six credit hours from the following:6
Any 300-level or higher FIN course (except FIN 301) or MIM or MFin courses (with approval of chair and course instructor)
Total Credits21

If FIN 558 is taken to fulfill the global business requirement and also as a major elective, finance majors must take two business electives. At least one of the two business electives must be outside of finance. If a student only needs one business elective, the course cannot be a FIN elective. A business elective is any upper division business class (EXCEPT MKT 319, MGT 301, MGT 385 and FIN 301).  Business foundation classes are not considered business electives.  If a student double majors, courses taken as part of the second major fulfill the business electives requirement.