BSBA, Major in International Business course requirements: 18 credits1

ACC 538International Accounting3
ECO 538International Economics3
MGT 373International Management3
MKT 363Global Marketing3
FIN 558International Financial Management3
Select one pre-approved International Business course3
Total Credits18

 9 credits of Business Electives are required for International Business majors, unless student has a second major.

The pre-approved International Business course may be taken abroad or in residence, and must be pre-approved by the major advisor. All courses taken abroad must be reviewed and pre-approved before departure. In addition to the six required major classes, international business majors must also take three business electives. A business elective is any upper division business class outside of the major. Business foundation classes are not considered business electives.  If a student double majors, courses taken as part of the second major fulfill the business electives requirement.

International Business majors must also: 1) take two language courses from the same region, level 112 and 225 minimum; 2) study abroad for a semester or summer and take at least six credits at the host institution; and 3) at least one of the two courses (minimum) taken abroad must be a business course. 

Students who score above the 225 level on the departmental placement exam have three options for fulfilling the language requirement: 1) take two language courses above their proficiency level (as demonstrated by the student's placement score); 2) take two language courses in a new language at any level; or 3) take one language course above their proficiency level and one language course in a new language at any level.