Theology for Catechesis Graduate Certificate

Theology for Catechesis Graduate Certificate: 18 Credits

The Certificate in Theology for Catechesis is embedded in programs in both the Education Department and Theology Dept. In the Education Department, the 18 credit certificate can combine with any one of four other certificates: Early Childhood Education, Catholic School Leadership, Teacher Leadership and English Language Learner/English as a Second Language resulting in 36 credit MS in Educational Specialist Areas.

This certificate is a component of formal partnerships with Catholic dioceses. A student who earns the 18 credit Certificate in Theology for Catechesis, could continue their education at Creighton by putting all 18 of those credits towards a 46 credit Master of Arts, Ministry/NCR, the dual degree in Ministry and Conflict engagement and Conflict Resolution, or a 24 credit "Religious Education Endorsement" offered by the State of Nebraska, the only state in the United States to certify religious instruction.

Required Courses:

Required Courses
GRD 600Orientation to Creighton0
MAM 676Theology and Catechesis3
Orientation to Study and Ministry (Optional 1 credit on-campus seminar)
Theology and Catechesis6
Choose one course from the following:
Special Topics in Education
Methods Of Teaching Religion In Elementary School
Choose one course from the following:
Historical Development of Fundamental Doctrine
Catholic Social Teaching
Choose one course from the following:
Moral Theology and Decision Making
Ministerial Ethics and Leadership Skills
Total Credits18