Doctor of Nursing Practice: Post Graduate

This Program of Study is suggested for students who have an earned Graduate degree in Nursing with a focus in Advanced Practice Nursing. During the first semester of enrollment in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program, the student and his or her academic advisor will develop an individualized plan that is based on the student’s prior graduate course work and stated career goals and is consistent with national and professional standards and guidelines. The original plan and any variation from it after matriculation must be approved by the advisor and by the Program Chair.


GRD 600Orientation to Creighton0
Research/Theory Core Courses
NUR 684Epidemiology3
NUR 686Evaluative Methods for Evidence-Based Nursing Practice3
NUR 900DNP Scholarly Project (repeat for a total of 6 credits) *6
Leadership/Policy Core Courses
MHE 607Practical Ethics in Health Care Settings3
NUR 704Health Care Policy and Law2
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (NCR) Courses6
Role Support Core Courses
NUR 692Financial Organization of U.S. Healthcare2
Specialty and Role Courses
NUR 901Residency: Advanced Practice Nurse2-4
Total Credits27-29

This Program of Study includes a minimum of 375 supervised practicum hours. A minimum of 1000 credited post-baccalaureate clinical hours are required for the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. The student will be required to provide evidence of the number of direct practicum hours completed in their graduate program. This will determine the number of credits the student is required to take in NUR 901 Residency: Advanced Practice Nurse.