Oral Biology, Dental Materials Track - M.S.

Oral Biology: Dental Materials track course requirements (36 credits):

MOB 500Dental Materials/Dental Anatomy Lecture I2
MOB 501Dental Materials/Dental Anatomy Laboratory I2
MOB 502Polymer Chemistry3
MOB 503Special Problems in Dental Materials I1
MOB 504Dental Materials Dental Lecture II2
MOB 505Dental Materials Dental Lab II1
MOB 506Introduction to Biostatistics and Its Applications2
MOB 507Polymer Chemistry Laboratory3
MOB 508Special Problems in Dental Materials II1
MOB 600Teaching Practicum in Dental Materials2
MOB 601Mechanical Behavior of Materials2
MOB 602Special Problems Dental Materials III1
MOB 603Research for the Master's Thesis3
MOB 604Teaching Practicum in Dental Materials2
MOB 605Advanced Biomaterials Science2
MOB 606Special Problems in Dental Materials IV1
MOB 700Research for the Master's Thesis6
Total Credits36