MS, Pharmaceutical Sciences/PharmD Dual Degree

M.S./Pharm.D. Dual Degree program

The general requirements of the Graduate School Catalog listed under Administration and Policies Governing Graduate Study must be met. Courses can be selected from the list below or from related subjects, according to the needs of the student. To qualify for the degree, the student must earn at least 33 semester hours of graduate credit beyond the baccalaureate. The student must maintain a B (3.0) average grade throughout the graduate program.

Special Requirements

The following requirements are applicable to students enrolled in the PharmD/M. program:

  1. A maximum of three credit hours of seminar and a maximum of eight credit hours of thesis can be applied toward the MS degree.
  2. Not more than 12 credit hours of PharmD courses can be applied toward the MS degree.
  3. A minimum of 21 credit hours must be earned in courses that are not listed as required courses for the PharmD degree.
  4. A minimum of 33 credit hours is required for graduation.
  5. A typical plan of study consists of the following:
Dual Credit PharmD Courses12
Students select 12 credits from the following:
Health Systems and Patient Safety
Health Systems and Patient Safety
Chemical Basis Drug Action I
The Chemical Basis of Drug Action I
Chemical Basis Drug Action II
Chemical Basis of Drug Action II
Introduction to Research Methods and Biostatistics
Introduction to Research Methods and Biostatistics
Ethics in the Health Professions
Ethics in the Health Care Professions
Medical Pharmacology I
Pharmacology I
Medical Pharmacology II
Pharmacology II
Pharmacology of Immune Response
Immunopharmacology and Biotechnology
Select a minimum of 10 graduate elective credits depending on your area of emphasis and nature of thesis research work. See suggestions on M.S. degree listing.
Required courses
Seminar Course3
Pharmaceutical Science Seminar
Pharmaceutical Sciences Discussion Series
Pharmaceutical Sciences Presentation Series
Master's Thesis
Total Credits33