Pharmaceutical Sciences - Ph.D.


The PPS will require a minimum of 90 credit hours of graduate coursework which will include 30 credits hours of required courses. The remainder of the credits can be obtained via elective courses as approved by student's supervisor (chair, dissertation committee) and and dissertation committee members.

Required Core Courses:
IDC 601Responsible Conduct of Research1
MPS 544Introduction to Research Methods and Biostatistics3
MPS 608Leadership Attributes for Professional and Personal Growth3
MPS 792Pharmaceutical Sciences Discussion Series1
MPS 793Pharmaceutical Sciences Presentation Series1
IDC 625Introduction to Biostatistics for the Biomedical Sciences3
IDC 701Research Writing3
MPS XXX - Doctoral Dissertation 15
MPS 691Pharmaceutical Science Seminar1
MPS XXX Latest Development in Pharmaceutical Sciences2
MPS XXX Scientific Manuscript and Grant Proposal Writing 4
MPS XXX Persuasively speaking about a grant proposal 2
MIC 753Advanced Antimicrobial Agents And Chemotherapy3
MPS 531Chemical Basis Drug Action I3
MPS 532Chemical Basis Drug Action II2
MPS 543Basic Pharmacokinetics2
MPS 600Ocular Pharmacology2
MPS 602Analytic Aspects of Pharmaceutical Sciences Research3
MPS 603Introduction to Pharmaceutical Materials Science1
MPS 617Advanced Pharmaceutics3
MPS 634Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Drug Delivery Systems3
MPS 652Pharmacoeconomics3
PHR 631Medical Pharmacology I5
PHR 632Medical Pharmacology II5
MIC 745Cellular And Molecular Immunology3
MPS XXX Novel Drug Delivery Systems 3
MPS 800Solid-State Pharmaceutics3
MPS 897Doctoral Dir Independent Study6
MPS XXX Doctoral Directed Independent Research 4-6
Total Credits93-95