Academic Policies and Procedures

Notice: By enrolling at Creighton University School of Law, any student hereby agrees to be governed by the following rules. Creighton University School of Law reserves the right to change these rules from time to time with or without notice.

These rules constitute the policy of the Law School in regard to a number of recurrent academic problems. They are subject to amendment by the faculty at any time. Amendments are effective from the time they are posted on the Law School Website. These rules are not exclusive in that students are required to meet the standards of conduct expected of professional persons. In addition, students in the Law School are subject to any applicable all University Rules, including the Creighton University Student Handbook.

The faculty of the law school and, when so authorized by these rules, the Academic Affairs Committee, have the exclusive right to interpret and apply the rules in order to meet the goals of the academic standards set out in the rules. The Academic Affairs Committee’s interpretations of the rules in individual cases are authoritative and, subject only to review by the faculty, are part of the rules. No petitioner under these rules has the right to a specific interpretation of a rule that differs from the manner in which it has been interpreted and applied by the committee and the faculty.