Attendance 1.1


(a) Regular and punctual class attendance and thorough preparation of all assigned work in courses in which a student is registered are conditions of receiving credit for work done. A student may be excluded from the examination or may be prohibited from submitting the final paper by the Dean or the instructor in any course in which the student’s work or attendance is unsatisfactory.

(b) Preparation for, attendance at, and participation in all classes is expected. Less than 80 percent attendance in any course will be deemed unsatisfactory and result in exclusion from the course. No student may sign the attendance sheet for another student.

(c) The 80 percent attendance rule is mandatory and may not be lowered by excused absences. Any student who misses more than 20 percent of his or her scheduled classes in any course will receive a grade of Absence Failure (AF) for the course. Alternatively, at the discretion of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, upon the student's showing of good cause, a student may be permitted to withdraw from the course. The Law School will use its best efforts to provide appropriate notice to those students who are in danger of reaching the 20 percent mark, however, students are responsible for keeping track of their own absences and are on notice of and responsible for all absences. Notices will be sent to the student’s Creighton email account.

(d) The 80 percent attendance rule is a minimum standard. A faculty member may impose a more demanding attendance requirement. A more demanding requirement shall be disclosed in writing to the students on or before the first day of class.

(e) Exclusion of a student from a course for unsatisfactory attendance will result in a grade of AF on the permanent transcript of the student so excluded.

(f) A student's attendance record may be considered in all questions of awards, scholarships, honors, petitions to the Faculty and in such other matters as the Dean and Faculty deem appropriate. Chronic, repeated, or general lack of attendance shall be grounds for dismissal from the school upon a vote of the Dean and Faculty.