Normally, to receive and retain a scholarship, you must be enrolled in a program of study leading to a degree in the College of Arts and Sciences, Heider College of Business, or College of Nursing. In addition to the qualifying material listed for each scholarship, you must be accepted and enrolled full-time at Creighton to retain scholarship(s) for a maximum of four academic years or eight consecutive fall/spring semesters (exclusive of summer terms) or attaining the requirements to apply for graduation, whichever comes first. As new scholarships, not listed in the catalog, become available, selections are made in conjunction with the wishes of the donor. Most scholarships are renewable for additional years and continued eligibility is based on maintaining the specified cumulative grade point average for each scholarship and showing normal progression toward a degree. Students on disciplinary probation or suspension at Creighton University, as defined in the Student Discipline Policies and Procedures in the Creighton University Student Handbook, are not eligible for Creighton Scholarship funds. Unless otherwise specified, all University controlled scholarships, individually or in combination, may not exceed the value of tuition, and may only be applied toward tuition charges.

If you have submitted all required credentials necessary for admission by December 1 of your senior year, you will automatically be given priority consideration for all competitive academic and service/leadership scholarships. Individuals who complete their admission requirements after December 1 are eligible for academic and service/leadership scholarships based on the availability of funds. Most merit scholarships are awarded at the time of admission to the University and honored for eight semesters for incoming freshman. Most scholarships do not require a separate application, your admission credentials serve this purpose. The Admission Office will contact you if additional forms or information is needed.

The four year/eight semester limitation begins upon your matriculation at Creighton and is accumulated consecutively. If you leave Creighton any time during this period, you automatically forfeit all future scholarship eligibility previously granted, unless you receive an approved Temporary Withdrawal from your school. It is your responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office of this action prior to your temporary separation from the University. Semesters absent under a Temporary Withdrawal do not count against the eight semester limitation.

Scholarships awarded to entering undergraduates can be continued if you are admitted to one of Creighton’s post-baccalaureate programs before the end of the eight semester limit. If you enter a program of study leading to a D.D.S., D.P.T., O.T.D., J.D., M.D., M.A., M.B.A., M.S., M.Ed., M.S.A.P.M., Pharm.D., D.N.P., Ed.D., or Ph.D. degree, your scholarship is continued until eight consecutive semesters have expired. Scholarship values based on a percentage of tuition will be calculated on the prevailing undergraduate tuition rate in effect during the time you are in a post-baccalaureate program of study.

Non-Need Based Scholarships

Even though documented financial need is not a consideration for the following (no-need) scholarships, applicants are encouraged to file a FAFSA.  If not successful in receiving one of the scholarships below, you will be considered for other types of financial aid.  Your FAFSA results must be on file by April 1st.  

For a complete listing and description of all University Scholarships, please refer to the online listing on the Financial Aid webpage.

Creighton Academic Scholarships

Presidential Scholarship

Scholarship for Economic and Educationally Disadvantaged Students

Camilo Alba Athletic Scholarship

Dr. Victor and Mary Albertazzi Scholarship

Alumni Association Scholarship

The Arthur Andersen and Company Endowed Scholarship

Lt. Col. Michael P. Anderson Memorial Scholarship

Sebastian Basilico Scholarship

Mary Ann Beller Scholarship Fund

Berger Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Lee C. Bevilacqua Scholarship

Margaret Stanosheck Bongers Memorial Scholarship

David Black Diversity Scholarship

The Rowley “Pat” Irwin Blakeney Scholarships

Shane C. Broderick Memorial Scholarship

Mildred D. Brown Scholarship

Michael A. Byrne Scholarship

Christian Ethics Scholarship

Glenda Gill Chang Nursing Scholarship

Sheila Ciciulla Nursing Scholarship

Don and Joan Cimpl Athletic Scholarship

The College of Business Scholarship

College of Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Scholarship

Luke and Shirley Coniglio Scholarship

Everett and Eileen Connelly Scholarship

The James D. Conway Scholarships

Edward C. Creighton Business Scholarship

Creighton Global Initiative Scholarship

Francis Dalhoff Memorial Scholarship

Frederick J. de la Vega Scholarship

Robert M. Dippel Scholarship

Dowd Family Scholarship

Paul W. Douglas Scholarship

Stephen F. Dwyer Basketball Scholarship

Stephen F. Dwyer Service and Leadership Athletic Scholarship

EY Accounting Scholarship

Trish and John Fahey Scholarship

Richard and Loretta Fangman Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Stephen & Cristine Fessenden Scholarship

First National Bank Athletic Scholarship

James and Mary Foley Scholarship

H. M. and Ruby V. Frost Scholarship

Gaskill Nursing Scholarship

Robert “Bob” Gibson Scholarship

Go Jays Athletic Scholarship

Dr. Andreas Gommermann Scholarship

Jean H. Jerman Gondringer Scholarship

Good Family Scholarship

William M. Gordan Scholarship

Ernest P. and Jackie Goss Scholarship

John L. Gross Memorial Scholarship

Haddix Foundation Scholarship

Sally Ann Haddix Memorial Scholarship

Mary Halbur Hawver Scholarship

Rev. Robert P. Hart, S.J. Memorial Scholarship

Happy Hollow Country Club Scholarship

Hawkins Sisters Athletic Scholarship

Mark and Deborah Henkels Scholarship

Harve B. Heaston Memorial Scholarship

Charles and Mary Heider Athletic Scholarship

Christina M. Hixson Scholarship

James and Helen Hughes Herbert Scholarship

Harry, Jr. and Janie Hoch Family Basketball Scholarship

Harry, Jr. and Janie Hoch Family Baseball Scholarship

Rev. James E. Hoff, S.J. Magis Scholarship

Gunnar Horn Scholarship

Frank J. Iwersen, MD Student Athlete Scholarship

International Student Scholarship

Robert and Marlene Family Jansen Scholarship

Adele M. Johnson Scholarship

Jacqueline Enewold Johnson Scholarship

Robert and Lisa Rater-Johnson Endowed Scholarship

Jason Judge Memorial Baseball Scholarship

Charles and Genevieve Juergens Scholarship

Gene and Sandy Kantack Scholarship

Thomas P. Keating Phi Delta Theta Scholarship

Dt. Melissa C. Kean Scholarship

Grace Keenan Scholarship

Kicks for a Cure, Inc. Scholarship

Thomas M. Kiefer Family Scholarship

Edeth K. Kitchens Scholarship

T. Leslie Kizer Scholarships

KPMG-LLP Foundation Endowed Accounting Scholarship

Kroeger Family Scholarship

Tim and Kari Kudron Athletic Scholarship

John W. and Ann C. Langley Scholarship

Fr. Lannon Scholarship for Athletics

Lanphier Endowed Scholarship

Leaders for Life Scholarship

Pete and Laura Leddy Scholarship

Clare Boothe Luce Scholarship

Paul Luex Scholarship

John L. and Carol V. Maginn Scholarship

Walter J. and Ruth C. Maginn Scholarship

Paul E. McCarville Scholarship

Nicki McKenna Memorial Scholarship

John J. “Red” McManus Scholarship

Midwest Insulation Contractors Association/William R. Heaston Memorial Scholarship

Donald E. Montgomery Scholarship

Gordon and Gertrude Morrison Scholarship

Mortensen 20,000 Physics Scholarship

Joseph F. Murphy, Jr. and Helen Clare Murphy Family Scholarship

Joseph and M. Katherine Murphy Scholarship

Nebraska Society of CPA’s

Laurence R. O’Donnell Scholarship

Offenburger-Higgins-McClure Scholarship

Omaha Federation of Advertising Scholarship

Osher Re-Entry Scholarship

Raymond Owens Scholarship

Parker Family Foundation Athletic Scholarship

Patterson Family Athletic Scholarship

Val J. Peter Scholarship

Dean Michael Proterra, S.J. Scholarship

Leonard and Madeline Powers Nursing Scholarship

David Pylipow Scholarship

Patrick C. Quinlan Memorial Scholarship

Thomas C. Quinlan Scholarship

Bruce and Jill Rasmussen Family Scholarship

Gerald Redler Scholarship

Adam Reeb Memorial Choral Scholarship

Lyle O. and Evelyn Remde Scholarship

Eileen Ryan Scholarship

Scheerer Scholarship

Leon Schmidman Memorial Scholarship

Schmitt Family Spirit of Service and Social Justice Scholarship

Gene and Kathy Schwarting Scholarship

Stephanie and David Scott Nursing Scholarship

Walter and Susan Scott Scholarship

College of Nursing Scholarship

College of Nursing Alumni Advisory Board Scholarship

Dr. John F. Sheehan Scholarship

John A. Scigliano Scholarship

V.J. and Angela M. Skutt - Mutual of Omaha Scholarship

DJ Sokol Athletics Endowed Scholarship

Creighton Memorial St. Joseph Hospital Nursing Alumni Scholarship

M. David and Arlene V. Steier Scholarship

Gilbert C. Swanson Foundation Scholarship

Dr. Charles and Mary Ann Taylon Scholarship

H. Margaret Thorough Scholarship

Pamela L. Turner Memorial Scholarship

Union Pacific College of Business Scholarship

Dorothy E. Vossen Scholarship

Valentino Family Memorial Scholarship

Emily C. Wagner Education Scholarship

Anna Tyler Waite Scholarship

Floyd E. and Berneice C. Walsh Scholarship

Rev. William Weidner Scholarship

Paul F. and Blanche A. Wenninghoff Scholarship

Dr. Joseph B. Wiederholt Scholarship

Dr. Eileen Wirth Scholarship

Drs. Frank M. and Mary Wolpert DeFilippes Scholarship

Joan Yambing Memorial Scholarship

A. A. and E. Yossem Scholarships

Charles Zuegner Memorial Scholarship

Need-Based Scholarships

The following scholarships are available to students with financial need and demonstrated academic achievement.  A completed FAFSA must be on file by April 1 for priority consideration.  

For a complete listing and description of all University Scholarships, please refer to our online listing on the Financial Aid website.

Ahmanson Foundation Scholarships

Alexander Open Systems Scholarship

Alpha Sigma Nu Scholarship

Jeffrey R. Alseth Memorial Scholarship

AMDG RAD Scholarship

Harold and Marian Andersen Family Fund Scholarship

Robert & Jane Archibald Scholarship

Maure P. and Clifford J. Bauer Scholarship

Anna M. and Bernard G. Anderson Scholarship

Regina Burnett Andolsek Scholarship

Ben Augustyn Scholarship

Fr. Andrew M. and Edward D. Augustyn Scholarship

Leo Augustyn Scholarship

Alan Baer Tennis Scholarship

Baird Holmes Undergraduate Legal Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Balousek Scholarship

Clair D. Barr Memorial Scholarship

Barry Family Scholarship

Sally Jo Bayne Scholarship

Beckman Nursing Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Richard G. and Marilyn J. Belatti Endowed Scholarship

William E. Belfiore Memorial Scholarship Fund

Thomas J. and Mary Ann Belford Scholarship

Frank Earl Bellinger M.D. Scholarship

Leon and Reba Benschoter Scholarship

Agnes Haller Bertoldi Scholarship

Bishop Family Endowed Scholarship

Charles and Mary Patricia Blevens McFadden Endowed Scholarship Fund

Elmer L. and Margaret M. Bradley Scholarship

John P. and Charlotte M. Brand Scholarship

Quentin and Ruth Breunig Scholarship

Dr. Patrick E. Brookhouser Scholarship

Mary J. Burke Scholarship

Ray and Mary Burkey Scholarship

George and Mary Ellen Burns Scholarship

Maureen T. and Anthony F. Cafaro, Sr. Scholarship

Fr. Neil Cahill, S.J. Scholarship

John and Ann Callahan Scholarship

Carroll County Scholarship

Chicago Minority Student Scholarship

Olive Odorisio Circo Spirit Scholarship

W. Dale and Katherine Clark Scholarship

Robert Clelland Scholarship

Joseph Coan Scholarship

College of Arts and Sciences Scholarship

College of Arts and Sciences Class of 1966

College of Arts and Sciences Class of 1967

Dr. James R. and Bridget Condon Memorial Scholarship

Matthew B. and Marion A. Conway Scholarship

James and Barbara Corboy Scholarship

Coussens/Miller Scholarship

James M. Cox Scholarship

Michelle and Richard Creger Scholarship

Creighton Lady Jays Scholarship

Matthew E. Creighton, M.D. Scholarship

Creighton University Medical Center Service League Scholarship

Dr. James and Karen Cunningham Scholarship

Donald and Dolores Curry Scholarship

Norma Link Curley Scholarship

M. and J. Curran Scholarship

John F. Daly and Anne Hanighen Scholarship

Thomas H. and Delphine K. Denesen Scholarship

Charles H. and Mary Lou Diers Scholarship

Mary Dora Scholarship

Rev. William J. Doran, S.J. Scholarship

John J. Dougherty Scholarship

Diane Duren Scholarship

Leo and Rita Durrett Scholarship

Don and Marilyn Duwelius Scholarship

Judy and Don Dworak Scholarship

EducationQuest Foundation Scholarship

Joseph and Margaret Elias Scholarship

Elizabeth Fund for Nurses

Dr. Joyce M. Eckblad Scholarship

William Ellis Memorial Scholarship

Donald J and Marcia Fagan-Bisenius Scholarship

Grace and Robert Fay Scholarship

Felker/Heppermann Scholarship

Fenton Family Scholarship

First Generation Opportunity Scholarship

Edward W. and Nancy E. Fitzgerald Scholarship

William A. Fitzgerald Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Joseph and Catherine Freimuth/DeLoitte Foundation Scholarship

Fogarty Family Scholarship

Fornaris Scholarship

Dr. Edward and Joan Forbes Scholarship

Dr. Herbert J. Funk Scholarship

Lee and Ann Galles Scholarship

Tom and Judy Garner Scholarship

Garrigan and Hunt Family Scholarship

Kitty Gaughan Scholarship

Emalea and Zeta Gaul Scholarship

Dr. James and Lois Gerrits Family Scholarship

Chris Gifford, M.D., Family Scholarship

J. Terrence Gleason Scholarship

Donald & Marilyn Gokie and Dean & Darlene Kratochvil Athletic Scholarship

Goodman Family Scholarship

Ernest and Jackie Goss Scholarship

Amelia Bunbury Graff Scholarship

Robert L. Gradoville Memorial Scholarship

Greisch Family Scholarship

Grit Scholarship

Edmund and Marilyn Gruntorad Scholarship

Haddix STEM Scholarship

Adolph Hallas Scholarship

Anna M. and Donald H. Hannasch Scholarship

Scott Harman Scholarship

Harnett/Roe Energy Technology Scholarship

Josie Harper Nursing Scholarship

D. Paul and Marjorie S. Hartnett Scholarship

Leonard and Adele Hassenstab Scholarship

Frank L. Hayes Scholarship

William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship

William R. Heaston, Class of 1977 Scholarship

Heafey Family Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Irvin L. Heckmann Memorial Scholarship

Jane A. and Susan S. Hedequist Scholarship

Charles F. and Mary C. Heider Scholarship

The Richard J. and Marguerite Heider Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Todd P. Hendrickson Student Athlete Annual Scholarship

Richard L. and Peggy Herman Scholarship

Dr. Edward A. Hier Scholarship

Hollander Business Scholarship

Roger Holzman Scholarship

David M. Hoover Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Ross C. Horning Endowed Scholarship

Iowa Business Scholarship

Joseph Harrison Jackson Scholarship

Marion G. Jeffrey Memorial Scholarship

Betty Lou H. Jelinek Scholarship

Jenkins Family Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Martin C. and Helen M. Jessup Scholarship

George and Margaret Johnson Scholarship

Lavern and Thelma Johnson Scholarship

Edith and Carl Jonas Scholarship

Glenn T. Jordan Scholarship

John J. and Eloise H. Kane Scholarship

John and Mary Kasper Scholarship

Bob Kathol Family Scholarship

Keitges Scholarship

Leo Kelley Memorial Scholarship

Rev. William F. Kelley, S.J. Scholarship

William F. Kelley, S.J. Scholarship for Tennis and Golf

Christopher and Patricia Kelly Scholarship

Monsignor Edward R. Kelly and Joseph P. Kelly Family Scholarship

Helen W. Kenefick Scholarship

Kessenich Scholarship

Gertrude Beckers King Scholarship

James and Jean Kisgen Scholarship

Kizer Family Scholarship

Chris M. and Joan Kuehl Memorial Scholarship

Thomas and Letha Kunkel Scholarship

William R. and JoAnn McCroy Kunkel Scholarship

Barbara Lamberto Scholarship

Timothy R. Lannon, S.J. Leadership Scholarship

Margaret and Stephen Lanspa Scholarship

Metta Laughlin Scholarship

Les and Phyllis Lawless Scholarship

Dr. Linda Armstrong Lazure, PhD. Scholarship

Len Leavitt Memorial Scholarship

Albert and Winifred Leightley Scholarship

Michael E. and Mary Neppl Leighton Scholarship

Grace Riley Leinart Scholarship

Lenke Family Scholarship

Rev. Henry w. Linn, S.J. Scholarship

Lorge Arts Scholarship

Rev. John J. Lynch, S.J. Scholarship

Lynch-Heaston Scholarship

Ralph and Margaret Mailliard Memorial Scholarship

Yano and Cindy Mangiameli Scholarship

Maria T. Manhart Scholarship

Daniel and Michelle Martin Scholarship

Patricia A. Martin Memorial Scholarship

Math and Science Endowed Scholarship

William and Alice Matthews Scholarship

Betty Marchese Scholarship

Matte Family Scholarship

Shirley Maun-Tuck Nursing Scholarship

Diane McCabe Scholarship

J. Barry and Rita McCallan Scholarship

Margaret L. McCarthy-Spielman Scholarship

Thomas P. and Mary Kay McCarthy Scholarship

Judy Sieben McGill Scholarship

McGroder Family Scholarship

Rev. William McKenny, S.J. Scholarship

David and Kathleen McKernan Scholarship

Roma Nagengast McGahan Scholarship

Fr. Richard D. McGloin, S.J., Scholarship

Peter J. McGinn Memorial Scholarship

McGuire-Holden Family Scholarship

John and Kathleen McKay Scholarship

Robert J. McQuillan, M.D. Memorial Scholarship

Ruth and Bernard Mehmert Scholarship

Everett and Helen Meister Scholarship

Memorial Scholarship

Olga Dyba Mericle Scholarship

Joseph Sr. and Sundina Miniace Scholarship

Rita A. Molseed and G. Melvin Hickey Scholarship

Daniel and Mary Ellen Monen Scholarship

Donald E. Montgomery Scholarship

Eileen B. Moore Scholarship

Rev. Michael G. Morrison, S.J. Scholarship

G. Robert Muchemore Foundation Grant

Sr. Mueller Refugee Scholarship

Edward D. Murphy Scholarship

John A. Murphy Scholarship

Marjory Mahoney Murphy Scholarship

Robert and Norma Murphy Scholarship

Ruth and Bernard Mehmert Scholarship

Dr. James A. and Jeanne M. Murphy Scholarship

Dr. Delwyn J. Nagengast Scholarship

Thomas and Janet Nichting Scholarship

OPPD J. M. Harding Scholarship

Mary Jane Oakley Scholarship

O'Brien Family Scholarship

Dr. James and Sara O’Brien Family Scholarship

Jim and Barb O’Brien Athletic Scholarship

 Orr Accountancy Scholarship

Orscheln Industries Scholarship

Dr. Ray Palmer Baseball Scholarship

Pepsi Cola Scholarship

Gerald Petersen Family Scholarship

Peter J. Phelan Memorial Scholarship

Provost's Scholarship

Thomas J. Purcell Delotte Foundation Scholarship

Dr. William and Kara Blakey Putman  Scholarship

John A. Quinlan Memorial Scholarship

Rev. James Quinn Scholarship

Jerry Rasmussen Scholarship

Mark and Karen Rauenhorst Scholarship

Robert and Betsy Reed Scholarship

Frank & Sheryl Remar Arts and Sciences Scholarship

Frank & Sheryl Remar Heider College of Business Scholarship

Leo and Ruth Remmes Scholarship

Henri J. Renard Scholarship

Seth Rich Memorial Scholarship

B. J. Roberts Scholarship

Matthew Roth Memorial Scholarship

Rowley Family Scholarship

Dr. Howard E. Rudersdorf

Florence Samson Memorial Scholarship

Kent P. and Donna C. Saylor Scholarship

John P. Schlegel Scholarship

Schoeneck Family Scholarship

Scholarship for Women in Business

Margaret R. and William H. Schutze, MD Scholarship

Hymie & Bea Schwartz Scholarship 

Stephanie and David Scott Scholarship

Shalhoob Alumni Family Scholarship

Kelly Anne Sheffield Scholarship

Barbara and Don Shellenberg Scholarship

Jesse J. Shelton Scholarship

V.J. and Angela Skutt Scholarship

Dr. Patrick and Christine Smith Scholarship

Smola-McCormick Scholarship

Sodexo Scholarship

Louis Soukup, III Scholarship

Donald W. Spielman Scholarship

Stafford Family Scholarship

Eugene F. Stanton Memorial Scholarship

Joseph F. and A. Anna Statz Family Scholarship

Roberta Steinbacher Scholarship

William Stockdale Minority Scholarship

Fred and Patty Suarez Scholarship

Stephen R. Summers Memorial Scholarship

Lois R. Suzuki Memorial Scholarship

Gilbert C. Swanson Foundation Scholarship

Mary and William Swift Scholarship

Mary Elizabeth Thibodeau Zingaro Scholarship

Selman and Marie Thomas Scholarship

Daniel Timms Scholarship

Dean Catherine Todero Scholarship

Virginia Roehrig Tomczak Scholarship

Dennis L. Toohey Memorial Scholarship

Turner/Taylor Scholarship

Richard J. Udouj Scholarship

Richard and Helen Upah Scholarships

The VT Industries, Inc. Scholarship

Emily C. Wagner Scholarship

Thomas M. Wahl Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Jason and Lindsay Walker Scholarship

Walter Family Foundation Scholarship

Roger F. and Mary A. Warin Scholarship

Watts Family Scholarship

Robert and Frances Wear Scholarship

Joan Joern Weaver Scholarship

Dennis & Patrica Greco Wiederholt Scholarship

Gerald J. Wieneke, M.D. Scholarship

Stephen Winjum Memorial Scholarship

Mary Winterscheidt Scholarship

Wiesner Family Scholarship

Rev. Roswell Williams, S.J. Scholarship

Christine Wiseman, J.D. Scholarship

Jimmy Wilson, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Scott and Kirstin Wirges Scholarship

Wolfe  & Jerram Family Scholarship

Andrew and Elsie Wondra Scholarship

John E. Worth Scholarship

Year of Mercy Scholarship

Patrick and Peggy Zenner Scholarship

Elno and Mathilda Zikmund Scholarship

Zoellner Family Endowed Scholarship

Outside, Private Scholarships

A scholarship(s) you have secured from an outside source must be reported to the Financial Aid Office and may comprise all or a portion of your aid award. Receipt of an outside award may result in a revision of the financial award offered by Creighton. Normally, any revision occurs first in loan or employment programs.

Receipt of a full-tuition outside scholarship will exclude a student from receiving the monetary value of his/her Creighton University scholarship. However, students will be accorded the recognition of a University award, and should an outside scholarship be forfeited, the University would review its offer subject to the stipulation of the program.